Termite Prevention Tips For Your Home

Termite prevention is something that you should care about before stepping into your new home. Read on to know how to prevent termites and keep your home safe.

By Aarthi Arun  • 9 min read

Termite Prevention Tips For Your Home

When we build a new house or buy one, we insure it against natural calamities and disasters. But, it never occurs to most of us to protect our dream house from pests as well, especially termites.

To ensure peace of mind in the future, you need to think about pest control, particularly termites, before beginning construction of a new house or moving into one. Though small in size, termites can cause severe damage to your property. Also, they  multiply at a rapid pace and the situation can quickly get out of control. So, prevention is indeed better than cure when it comes to termites. Here are some of the best ways to prevent termites infestation.

Termite prevention

An effective termite prevention strategy includes the following three elements:

Create a termite-toxic environment: Termites like to dwell in dark, humid places. The first line of defence against these tiny bugs is sunlight. The second is proper ventilation. If your house is bright, airy and moisture-free, termites will not prefer to infest it.

Cut off food supply: Once you have made the environment uninhabitable for termites, you can concentrate on removing their food sources. Termites predominantly feed on wood, so you should make all the wood items inaccessible to termites. But, is this possible? Of course, yes. You can use termite prevention spray on wooden items such as furniture, windows, doors and cabinets. You should also ensure that your garden or yard is termite-free.

Limit access: These wood-loving insects can find their way into the house through the tiniest holes and crevices in your property. And then, for years, they can silently chew away anything made of wood right under your nose without you ever realising it. The only way to safeguard your house from termite infestation is to get the best termite prevention treatment before you move in. To do this, you can contact professional pest control services.

Pre-construction termite treatment

All species of termites are notorious for their voracious appetite. This is the reason they cause extensive damage in and around your home. So, it is essential to stop them from colonising your property and proliferating. The best way to do this is to treat the soil before the construction begins. This is especially important if you're using wood as a part of building materials. Here are some termite prevention tips to adopt before you begin constructing your property.

  1. Treat all the wooden materials with anti-termite sprays or chemicals.
  2. After you have laid the foundation, treat the entire area with termiticide.
  3. Use a concrete base for wooden pillars to prevent them from coming into direct contact with the soil.
  4. Once the stilts are built, place the chemicals in pits around their perimeter.
  5. Ensure that there is enough ventilation to prevent moisture from seeping into your home.
  6. Talk to your builder and ask about placing physical barriers like BTB (Basaltic Termite Barrier) or stainless steel mesh on the concrete.

Post-construction termite treatment

If your house is already constructed or if you're moving into a new apartment, you can adopt measures to keep termites away without breaking your bank (or home). The following are some of the termite prevention methods you can adopt:

  1. Dig a perimeter around your home and fill it with anti-termite chemicals.
  2. Remove any piece of wood that is wet or remains in contact with water.
  3. Replace any wooden material that is in direct contact with the soil.
  4. Check drains – make sure they are not clogged and water flows freely.
  5. Clean high-moisture areas inside the house periodically.
  6. Place natural termite baits and check frequently for infestation.
  7. Avoid keeping wooden furniture too close to the wall.
  8. Remove mulch away from your foundation.

Preventing termites from entering your home

Termites are social insects, and they grow and reproduce rapidly. Even with all the precautions you take, termites can still enter your house through the tiniest crevices. So, if you don't have termite infestation at the moment, it does not mean that your home will be termite-free in the future. Here's how you can check for termite infestation and prevent termites from coming back:

Termite prevention in indoor areas

  1. Place wooden furniture in sunlight occasionally.
  2. Wipe wooden materials with natural, anti-termite solution.
  3. Open windows and let in fresh air, even in unused rooms and storerooms.
  4. Check for leaks and water damage routinely.
  5. Check and seal any cracks in the walls and floors.

Termite prevention in outdoor areas

  1. Keep firewood away from the walls.
  2. Remove wood stumps or pieces lying near your house.
  3. Don't let rainwater stagnate near your house.
  4. Dispose of any cardboard boxes that are left outside your house.
  5. Switch off outdoor lights when not required during the night as termites are attracted to light.
  6. Make sure that your garden is maintained well, with shrubs trimmed and weeds or dead plants removed.

Natural remedies

There are many natural treatments available for termite prevention. Most of these are available in your kitchen cabinet. A solution made of water and dish soap can be surprisingly effective. You can also sprinkle salt in and around areas of termite infestation. Oil extracted from garlic, orange or clove are also found to work against termites. To read more about home remedies for termites, click here. 

Termite prevention in rainy weather

You can often spot winged termites after rains. These are called swarmers. They are the ones who establish a new colony. As rains dampen the soil, it becomes a suitable breeding ground for termites. So, it is during the monsoon that you need to watch out for signs of termite colonisation.

Follow our tips to prevent termite damage to your property or house. But, if you don't have time to follow through with termite treatment, hire professional pest control services to keep your home safe from termites.

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Written by Aarthi Arun on 23 August 2019

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