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Supercharge The Brain In Just Three Minutes

Need a simple, fast and easy way to make your child smarter? Try the Thoppu Karanam, prescribed by our ancient masters, and adopted the world over today as Super Brain Yoga.

By Team ParentCircle

An early morning shower, followed by a visit to the nearby Lord Ganesha temple to perform Thoppu Karanam – a soulful experience for all of us. This age-old practice stems from the belief that Lord Ganesha and his wives Siddhi and Buddhi represent wisdom, knowledge and accomplishment – all connected to the functioning of the brain. Thoppu Karanam is also used for Prayaschita (repentance) to help people develop the required Vivekam (discrimination) to distinguish between good and bad, thus helping them avoid mistakes again. This is probably why it was used as a ‘punishment’ tool in schools. Our rishis strongly believed that this practice activated those parts of the brain that help in concentration and memory power. Over the years, many studies the world over have given scientific credence to these ancient thoughts. It is a beautiful journey of ‘worship to work out’!

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