Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

Anushka Panda, Prakhar Mittal, Sreelakshmi and Simran Avinash Somalinga — superstars of the 2018 CBSE and ISC exams. Here’re their success mantras to ace the CBSE board exams.

By Leena Ghosh  • 10 min read

Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. – Pele, iconic Brazilian footballer

These words, coming from one of the greatest sports personalities of all time, are truly inspiring. Pele, more than anybody else, proved through his sporting feats that hard work and commitment can lead to greatness. The very qualities that drove him are exactly what your child needs now, given that the heat is on and exam season about to begin.

But more than that, your child also needs a steady dose of motivation, constant support and calm mentoring to sail through the coming weeks. And, who better to do so than the 2018 ISC and CBSE toppers! ParentCircle catches up with four board exam toppers from 2018 to understand what led to their success. These young 'stars' prove that nothing is impossible. They also talk about the role played by their parents. Read on to know more...

Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

“I Have Nerves Of Steel”

Name: Anushka Panda

School: Suncity School, Gurugram

Achievement: CBSE Class 10 Topper (differently-abled CATEGORY)

Success Mantra: Never give up

When I saw the results and knew that I was the topper, my joy knew no bounds. I thanked God and my family. Talking about my preparation, my study schedule was quite normal. I started studying from day one, for two to three hours every day, which I believe, was the real secret behind my success. I studied even during my holidays and weekends. Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I faced severe challenges coping with the pain as well as the huge volume of the syllabus. But, my mother stood by me like a rock of support and helped me overcome these challenges. She gave me nerves of steel. She also taught me the importance of not giving up. She inspired me to do whatever I was passionate about. On the other hand, my father taught me time management, and shared tips on how to focus and concentrate right from the beginning. He also made me realise that learning something new every day was more important than scoring marks in exams.

I want to become a software engineer. I want to use technology to do something for the world and for differently-abled like me. I hate being the damsel in distress. I want to be the knight who rescues others.

My advice to students: Study every day, starting from the first day of school. This will make the syllabus not look too much. For differently-abled students like me, I would say, never give up. Be inspired by Helen Keller who went on to become an author and a political activist, despite being blind and deaf. Not everything is tailored to suit our special needs. We must overcome more obstacles than others. But, it’s important not to give up before you reach your goal. What you achieve will inspire the entire community to aim higher and achieve greatness.

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Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

“I Approach Challenges Practically”

Name: Prakhar Mittal

School: DPS, Gurugram

Achievement: CBSE Class 10 all-India joint topper with a score of 499/500

Success Mantra: Work hard and yes, relax

I had been preparing for this examination from day one and worked hard consistently. So, I anticipated the result to some extent. As far as my preparations are concerned, I had no fixed schedule at the start of the year. But, I gradually started organising my study-time. After school, I studied for two hours or more each day. I was studying not only for my Class 10 but also for IIT entrance tests as I am keen on pursuing a career in robotics and automation. Through the year,

I also ensured I took breaks in between study sessions. I listened to music and practiced meditation to relax. I learnt a lot from my parents. My mother is a calm, relaxed and practical person. I’ve learnt from her how to approach challenges in a practical manner. My father is a hard-working man. He inspires me to be committed and focused in order to achieve my goals.

My advice to students: Work hard on the lessons consistently. It is important to read the question paper thoroughly before attempting the answers. You must study regularly and not postpone anything until the last moment. It’s also very important to understand the concepts in a subject to do well in it. I also urge you to enjoy school and other aspects of your life too.

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Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

“I Am Systematic In My Approach”

Name: Sreelakshmi G

School: Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya, Kakkanad

Achievement: CBSE Class 10 all-India joint topper with a score of 499/500

Success Mantra: Have a regular and systematic approach

Although my ranking came as a surprise, I was certain I would score high marks because of my effort. I guess I made a silly mistake to lose that single mark, which denied me a perfect score of 500/500. This has taught me to read the questions thoroughly (twice or thrice) in all the exams I’ll be facing in the future.

This achievement was possible just because of the support I got from my teachers, parents and God. They are the pillars of my strength. I want to become a good medical practitioner who stands for the needy and the underprivileged.

My advice to students: Be systematic in your approach. Understand that time and tide wait for none. So, make a timetable for studying after coming back from school and stick to it. In the exam hall, be cool and relaxed. Read the question paper thoroughly to understand the questions. Write your answers as points, draw labelled diagrams and write all the steps, because how you present your answers matters a lot. Apart from this, you also need to relax a bit. I do it by listening to music, watching movies and talking to my mother. And finally, do your best and leave the rest to God.

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Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

“I Work Hard And Stay Focused”

Name: Simran Avinash Somalinga

School: Sishya School, Chennai

Achievement: Secured the 3rd place at the all India level in ISC Class 12

Success Mantra: Stay calm and study hard

I always believe in taking life in my stride and giving it my best shot. When it came to preparation for the exams, I just made sure I stood focused till the end. I knew that I had to give my best and be satisfied with my efforts.

My mantra was to stay calm and study hard. It’s something I have always done. In between studies, I used to watch a bit of TV or pick up a book to read. Throughout the year, I used to go for my dance classes. So, that served as a break from studies as well. My parents were very supportive. Their only advice to me was to give it my best. My teachers were also supportive and advised me to keep working hard and maintain a regular study routine.

My advice to students: It is very important to not get bogged down by expectations. Focus on your studies, and you can get better results. If you allow worries to take over your thoughts, it will affect your studies. So, just prepare well and give the exams your best shot.

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Success Mantras From Board Exam Toppers

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