Student Of The Year 2: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

Interested to know how the much-anticipated sequel, Student Of the Year 2 fared with the young crowd? Is it simply about beautiful locales, colourful sets, impeccably dressed people or more? Read on!

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi  • 7 min read

Student Of The Year 2: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

Review rating: 2/5 

Movie rating: PG-13

Student Of The Year 2 Movie Review

I brought a book to the movie because I had zero hopes for this one. I made the right choice. Did I actually read? No, that would have been very unprofessional of me and I could probably get fired. But if I wasn’t writing a review, I’m sure I wouldn’t have hesitated to read.

A vague plot

Rohan, a small town boy gets into the esteemed Saint Teresa, a college in Dehradun, following his childhood friend and crush. But with this transfer comes rivals, romance, 'ridiculousness' and other shenanigans.

I didn’t like the movie. As a thirteen-year-old, I was face-palming throughout, watching the protagonist make stupid decisions. Too many things went wrong with the movie script writing. I didn’t really like the protagonist. And the characters were very 1D, and everything is too fantastic, not in a good way (as in out of a fantasy).

I think one of the main problems I have with this movie is that Rohan, the protagonist, didn’t do anything to make me sympathise or relate to him. As a matter of fact, I didn’t care for Rohan at all throughout the movie. Instead, I was busy crushing on the antagonist (that’s why you shouldn’t cast good-looking villains)! 

Similarly, the antagonist doesn’t do anything nasty either. Maybe he was a bit snarky and a little mean, but I thought that was just his style of humour. It didn’t really register that he was the bad guy until the intermission came, and that’s okay if you’re trying to have a twist in the story, but not otherwise. The movie is a mess because I didn’t know who I was rooting for and who I was against.

Fight scenes and action galore

The fight scenes in this movie are just long, boring and unnecessary. I don’t know why they were included other than for the fact that 'it’s gonna look cool'. The fight scene, towards the end of the movie, especially, went on for what seemed like hours together. Nothing registered in my head, and it made absolutely no difference to the rest of the movie.

Also, the plot was complicated. I could follow it until the intermission, but it turned into a story-soup after that. After Mia confessed her love to Rohan, I thought they were back together, but apparently, they weren’t. I also thought Rohan and Shreya had a fall-out when this happened. But that was not the case. Since this story features the all-too-familiar love triangle cliché (and didn’t do it well), I couldn’t tell who this guy was with. I didn’t even know who I wanted him to be with since the girls (especially Mia's character) are poorly written, and aren’t unique or likeable.

Another problem I have with this movie is that it wasn’t college-y at all. It’s all just fun and games. I’m sorry, have you ever met a college kid? They’re always stressed out and they cry all the time and generally have an aura of repressed rage. Nothing about these characters give a college-y vibe. Maybe having a 36-year-old guy direct this wasn’t the best idea!

Aesthetically pleasing

Despite the reasons I just mentioned (and many more), I have to appreciate the aesthetic of this movie. The sets are bright, colourful and refreshing! It reflected the ‘young’ theme that the movie was all about. I love every single outfit they wear. I love that even the boys got fun outfits since most movies give them an uninteresting one and call it a day. The movie might be total garbage, but the visuals deserve a thumbs-up!

Overall, this movie is really bad. Please don’t watch it. This is just a time-pass movie for me, and it did not register in my mind at all. Don’t waste your money, folks. Now, I’m off to follow Aditya Seal on every social media platform there is. Sigh.

Takeaways from the movie Student Of The Year 2:

  1. Don’t change, but evolve. Life isn’t always predictable (unlike this movie), so learn to deal with whatever comes your way.
  2. I am more of a 'friends' girl, so I believe that it hasn’t been my day, my week, my month, or even my year, but this movie believes ‘din tumhara hoga, par saal mera hai’ (this day may be yours, but this year belongs to me.)
  3. Do not get a tattoo of a person's name! Please. 
  4. Working together as a team guarantees success.
  5. Don’t ditch your true friends just to act fake around others.

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Students Of the Year 2 Cast

Rohan: Tiger Shroff
Mridula aka Mia: Tara Sutaria
Shreya: Ananya Panday  
Director: Punit Malhotra
Producer: Karan Johar

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