Moon Sign: Virgo

Many believe the planets and the star affect our life. There is a ‘right’ time for everything – starting a business, marriage, undertaking a journey, etc. Read on to know more.


Moon Sign: Virgo

Virgo Students:

This would be a little slow period. There can be a slight decrease in your efforts. Your lethargy can delay your studies, and with this, you could be behind others. Due to this, your opponents can dominate you. You might stay away from home which will prove beneficial for your study area. Success can be attained easily. Before submitting your projects or assignments, study the minute details thoroughly. Don’t neglect any point. You will require opinions and advice of experienced people, as your negligence can make you commit some errors. Because of which, you will have to perform one task over and over again. But don’t get disheartened with this and don’t bring any reduction in your efforts. Watch your emotions this month. You may be very sensitive and restless most of the time.

Chant OM Namo Narayana daily 21 times to see good result.

Virgo General:

  1. This month does not augur well especially the latter half of the month. The health of the spouse may cause some concern. Be watchful about your communication in the entire month.
  2. Beware of financial dealing. It is better to avoid significant financial transaction in the month as you are more likely to lose money.
  3. People doing partnership business do not fare well. Confusion and lack of understanding between the partners may prevail. Keep watch in your actions. Do not be too stubborn about your being right and avoid overconfidence.
  4. Some intimate relationship can fade. Disputes can create tensions, and only some flexibility in behaviour can help. Avoid verbal duel both at home and at the workplace.
  5. Domestic unhappiness, ailments, and impediment could upset harmony and peace.
  6. Some laziness is possible concerning your routine. This will curtail your productivity. Roll up your sleeves and get things started.
  7. The latter half of the month will bring trouble and ill health. Unhappiness towards spouse and unpleasant relation with colleagues would cause worries.
  8. You should listen to what someone close to you has to say. You may not like to hear them, but there will be a certain amount of validity to the information given. Use this insight with your strategy and you will find your way.
  9. Overall this month is not favourable concerning money, career, and harmony. So be in prayers and worships to sail through this month.
  10. Worshipping Lord Vishnu is beneficial and will help you to handle this month with ease.

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