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Sports Injuries: Know, Act, Respond And Prevent

Getting hurt is an inevitable part of playing sports. But, it should never cripple your child’s free will to play. This National Sports Day (29 Aug), our focus is on empowering you with the complete

By Varsha Venkatesh

Chandran was a bright 14- year-old all-rounder. He not only aced his school subjects, but also led his school’s cricket team from the front. The young pace bowler shrugged off the occasional bruises and sprains. He was never really prepared for an ‘injury’. But, last year, an incident changed everything for him. During a zonal match, he heard a pop on his shoulder while bowling, and ended up at the hospital unable to move his arm. He not only had to take a year off playing, but was also put on a long road to recovery that affected his school work and performance. A classic case of double whammy and yes, if only…

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