Spider-man: Homecoming - A Teen’s Exclusive Review

The latest version of the superhero movie enthralls with its amazing stunts and a comic twist. We get a teenager’s perspective on why Peter Parker is one of the coolest superheroes around

By P Chalini  • 6 min read

Spider-man: Homecoming - A Teen’s Exclusive Review

Thrilling with a touch of sarcasm and clever dialogue, the new Spider-Man reboot portrays a teen superhero who is humourous and appeals with his boyish charm. This version stands apart for its teenybopper story line as much as the exciting stunts and special effects.

For those who have grown up reading Marvel and DC Comics, the latest installment will appeal as it mixes sci-fi with comedy. Teenagers will love it because it is like a high-school drama, despite being a superhero film.

I really enjoyed it and thought it was thrilling and super fun. The actors feel like real high-school students and Tom Holland as a high-school youth is the perfect Spider-Man.


As for the story of the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming is all about young Peter Parker’s journey. He tries with all his might to impress with his stunts and gain a place as a part of the Avengers team. Iron Man also makes a surprising appearance as a mentor and father figure to Peter’s character and gives some words of wisdom. The villain of this version is Adrian Toomes, also called Vulture (played by Micheal Keaton) and the clash between the hero and his rival are super entertaining. The other characters including Aunt Mae are very different compared to the earlier Spider-Man films -- here she is much younger and more real.


Spider-Man is interesting and appeals to youngsters because his powers are distinctly limited. He fulfills his duties in high school and also serves the society. The lesson learnt is great power comes with a responsibility. Spider-Man struggles to balance between his home work and his crime-fighting duties. He is a smart kid who’s naive about the world and battling with growing up and being a superhero. Marvel has upped the fun and made Spider-Man: Homecoming the most amazing.

What makes this particular movie stand out is that the teen superhero has more personal elements with a focus on fun and depth. It is a coming of age teen comedy and comic book drama. The hero is down to earth, innocent and ordinary and this makes the film different from other superhero flicks. This time the makers of the film have been distinctive in selecting the hero, concept and execution. I have never seen a superhero cast like a neighbourhood friend before.


The one thing I learnt from the movie is that Spider-Man keeps falling and then he keeps getting up. That’s the spirit I enjoyed the most. This is what I want to tell my parents and other adults -- nothing wrong in failing in our attempts. We just have to do our best.

I would rate it at 4.5. 

10 Things to Watch Out For in Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. Tom Holland as the cheeky and humourous Spider-Man
  2. Innovative stunts such as Spider-Man running up a steel beam
  3. Hi-tech feel and great special effects
  4. Micheal Keaton as the new villain, Vulture aka Adrian Toomes
  5. The Vulture’s super-tech winged suit
  6. Iron Man as Peter Parker’s mentor
  7. The young and vivacious Italian Aunt Mae
  8. The high-school drama angle and clever dialogue
  9. Peter’s classmates including his Asian friend
  10. The thrilling ferry rescue scene