Social Milestones Of Your 5-Year-Old

There are significant milestones your five-year-old passes through in her social life. Here’s a look at five important ones.

By Ananya Subramanian  • 6 min read

Social Milestones Of Your 5-Year-Old

“Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments,” said the American philanthropist Rose Kennedy. But the milestones in your child’s life are more than just dates. They reflect her growth towards becoming a more sociable and well-rounded person. Knowing what to expect in your child's growth will help you not just keep track of her development, but also alert you to red flags, if any. Learn the important social milestones preschooler will attain by the end of five years.

1. Distinguishes right from wrong

By this time, he will have a general idea of what is right and what is wrong. He will be able to differentiate honesty from dishonesty, and will learn to recognise when someone tells a lie, though he will not understand their intent.

2. Dislikes changes

Though your preschooler will be willing to meet new people and be ready to share her toys with others, she will still be extremely wary of change. Any new development may affect her emotionally and she may become socially withdrawn, preferring to stay quiet rather than engage with others. Though she will be quick to adapt to the change and get back to her normal self, you need to ensure that you prepare her beforehand rather than spring surprises.

3. Controls emotions

As your preschooler gets a better understanding of his own emotions, he will also get a better hold on them. That is, the tantrums might become fewer and the excitement a little less boisterous. But not all children will have the maturity to control their feelings and expressions. However, this is nothing to worry about, as developing control over emotions is a long process and some children might continue doing so well into their teens.

4. Compares herself with others

She will start comparing herself and her performance with that of her peers. She will always want to be one who makes the biggest impression. She will weigh her talents against those of her friends and siblings, and will suddenly develop a spirit of competition. Therefore, pay attention to her competitive spirit and correct her negatives, if any. Else, it could lead to her becoming extremely sensitive and developing a sense of inferiority complex.

5. Obeys rules

All your child’s social milestones are interconnected in a way. With more control over his own emotions and better comprehensive skills, he will not only start understanding the rules and regulations, but also following it. Most of the time, he would comply with and obey rules and norms, though he could occasionally be demanding and uncooperative.

No two children’s growth and development are alike, as every child has her own pace of growth. You will have to understand this fact before starting to compare your preschooler’s development with that of others her age. However, if your child shows signs of significant developmental delay, don’t hesitate to seek professional or medical help.

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