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Social Distancing Post Lockdown: Tips To Cope

The lockdown could end soon. But life may not return to the good old days for a while – no playing in large groups, and no unnecessary outings. Get ready to cope. We are here to help.


Let's face it. Life is not going to be the same for the next few months (at the very minimum). Life-20 is going to be all about social distancing. Everything is going to change – how we all work, how our children study, how we socialise, how we keep ourselves entertained … the list goes on. For example, some movie theatres are looking at the 'virtual theatre' model, airlines are considering leaving the middle seat empty, and workplaces in India have been asked to bar gatherings of more than five and work in shifts to ensure social distancing, along with a slew of other measures. These measures are bound to continue for the rest of the year. Even a few weeks ago, these ideas would have seemed ridiculous!

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