Ayurveda Skincare for The Rushed Woman

Today, everything is “rushed”—be it that meeting or feeding the baby on time amid household chores. This leaves little time for skincare. A skincare regimen with gentle Ayurvedic products may help.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 3 min read

Ayurveda Skincare for The Rushed Woman
“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” 

- Shubhra Krishan, author of Essential Ayurveda: What It Is and What It Can Do for You

Meet the new-age woman. She handles many tasks with amazing efficiency—meeting the tight deadline for an office project, making presentations, attending online meets, looking after the needs of the baby and much more. In short, today’s woman is a multitasker, but at the same time, she is rushed for time to pay attention to an aspect of herself that requires maximum attention—her skin.

And rushed plus less attention equals bad skin. In short, a recipe for disaster for women who already have a tough time adhering to a healthy skincare regime due to their other commitments.

Common skin problems that women face:

There are several skin-related issues that women battle on an everyday basis, such as acne, redness, sunburn, clogged pores and inflammation. And when there is less time to tackle these skin problems, a quick and effective solution is much desired.

Ayurveda skincare:

Enter Ayurveda. With increasing pollution levels, it has become important to get your beauty regime on point. Look beyond expensive spa facials and take a cue from good old Ayurveda. A natural system of medicine, Ayurveda means “the Science of Life” in Sanskrit and originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. 

Why use Ayurvedic products for skincare?

Free from chemicals: Ayurvedic skincare products are made of natural ingredients. As a result, they do not irritate the skin or cause any skin allergies. Some brands like Medimix, with its pristine range of Ayurvedic skincare solutions and a rich history of 50 years, may just be the answer to your skin problems.

Gentle on the skin: Ayurvedic products are gentle on the skin. Since they are free from chemicals, they are regarded by many as a good skincare option.

Fast-acting ingredients: Natural ingredients used in the products have been used for ages and have been proven effective. These ingredients give almost instant results upon application.

The best part about Ayurveda is that it uses natural ingredients that is easy to procure and gives the skin a natural glow. 

A face wash to rejuvenate your skin

Ayurveda Skincare for The Rushed Woman

Choosing the right anti-pollution face wash would go a long way in cleaning and rejuvenating your skin. Try to look for one that has natural ingredients such as argan oil, turmeric and aloe vera. These ingredients moisturize, exfoliate and soothe the skin and keep it free from pollution. A product like the anti-pollution face wash from the Medimix range of face wash is ideal in this situation. This is a brand that is known to provide relatively quick, effective and natural solutions to skin problems. 

To conclude, products such as the one mentioned above provide a quick fix for women who have less time on their hands. Not only do they use natural ingredients, but they also have been proved effective with regular use, making them a good choice for skincare.

Note: Check out the Medimix face wash range

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Written by Ashwin Dewan on February 3, 2021.

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