Six Off-Beat Career Options For Your Teen

Isn’t your child interested in becoming a doctor or an engineer? And, does that make you worried? Relax! Here’s a look at some off-beat careers your child can opt for, and still be successful!

By V Saravana Kumar  • 7 min read

Six Off-Beat Career Options For Your Teen

Gone are the days when children’s career choices used to revolve around engineering and medicine, with a few other streams coming in as alternatives. With opportunities opening up at the global level, the career spectrum is getting wider by the day. It is up to you, parents, to give your children the freedom to choose the career that suits their interests and skills. There are quite a few off-beat options to choose from, and here are six of them:

1. Ethical hacker: Hacking someone else’s computer is bad, right? Not actually, if it’s done ethically. That’s ethical hacking for you. If your child has the brains to delve deep into the world of computers and networking, and crack passwords and codes, this is for him. Many companies require these ethical hackers for strengthening their systems’ security, and pay handsome salaries for the same. Programmes offered in this domain include B Tech in cyber security and various other diploma and certification courses.

2. Blogger: Is your child a wordsmith, often found busy writing (or typing)? Does she have an amazing vocabulary and language skills? If yes, she can venture into the world of online writing to become a professional blogger. Blogging used to be a hobby earlier, but, with businesses understanding the huge impact a blog can create among consumers, it has become a fantastic career choice. Your child can opt for a BA degree in English Literature, and later specialise in creative writing and blogging through online courses.

3. Pet groomer: Your child loves pets and spends hours, taking care of the little pup at home? Do you believe that she can take her affection towards pets to a whole new level? As a profession, may be? Yes, pet grooming is catching up fast as a profession and if you see a real pet lover in your child, you can encourage her to pursue it for a career. It’s a busy world out there, and people don’t really have the time to take care of their pets. This is where a pet groomer comes in, taking up assignments to groom the pets and enhance their looks, and taking care of their hygiene as well. There are quite a few online courses on pet grooming your child can choose from.

4. Ice cream taster: There can’t be a profession cooler or sweeter than this, for sure! Tasting scoops of ice cream and getting paid for it too – that’s what a career as an ice cream taster can do for your child. The culinary industry is in need of people who have the expertise to assess the quality of ice cream, checking the fragrance, taste, texture, colour, etc. If your child has a natural flair for identifying and distinguishing different tastes, she can venture into this field. A bachelor’s degree in food science and technology would form a solid foundation, with additional specialised certification courses conducted by culinary institutes being good value additions.

5. Video game tester: Is your child a gaming freak, wading through various levels of a video game with relentless ease? If yes, he can become a video game tester who gets paid just for playing games on a gadget, to test their quality. A video game tester ideally plays a game to identify and fix any bugs or coding issues in it. If your child is extremely creative, he can even build new games and create a name for himself, also making huge money in the process. Your child will need a B Sc degree in game designing in addition to a few certification courses specialising in video game testing.

6. Product designer: From footwear to furniture, and cell phones to cars, design is a major feature that contributes to a product’s success in the market. And, this makes the role of a product designer immensely valuable. If you observe that your child has a penchant for creative drawing, he can hone his skills and become a successful product designer. With design playing a critical role across various domains, the demand for a highly creative product designer is always on the rise. There are many design institutes you can enrol your child in, including the National Institute of Design, which offers degree courses in product design.

Six Off-Beat Career Options For Your Teen

So, now you know even your child’s best hobby can turn out to be a flourishing career for her. All you need to do is encourage her to pursue what she loves most, rather than what you prefer. An off-beat career is the best way to help your child become successful as a unique individual, and stand out from the crowd.