Sing From Your Heart

Do you need a great voice to be a great singer? Find out in this exclusive conversation with one of the best playback singers India has ever produced, Shaan. It’s a ParentCircle exclusive.

By Deepika Mohan

With nearly 500 film songs, 27 years as playback singer and awards galore – Shantanu Mukherjee, popularly known as Shaan, is one of the most versatile singers India has ever produced. Shaan and Sagarika make for one of the greatest siblings in India’s musical scene. Considered the ‘Golden Voice of India’, Shaan started his career when he was just 17. His journey was not easy, but the fighting spirit and values that he inculcated from his mother led him to great heights of success. In a candid conversation with ParentCircle, Shaan and his wife, Radhika, talk about singing as a career, their parenting style and more. Here are the excerpts.

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