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Simple Tips To Stay Healthy This Monsoon

As you do the happy rain dance enjoying the monsoon, you are interrupted with an ‘achoo’. Was that a sneeze? Well, monsoon does bring in ailments that you may want to stay away from. Here’s how…

By Rajath Athreya

The monsoon season is well and truly upon us and you see changes everywhere – respite from the extremely scorching summer heat, delight at the sight of rivers and reservoirs filling up, and the tingling taste buds at the very thought of spicy and hot treats. Needless to say, this season also brings in unwelcome health hazards, thanks to several infections that thrive and spread in this weather. How do we welcome all that's good about the monsoons with open arms, while keeping the nasty viruses and ailments at an arm’s length? Read my thoughts for answers.

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