Sibling Fight Playing The Peacemaker

With your children staying home all the time, fights between siblings have probably increased. In our Parent–Expert series, we look at how you can mediate and bring about peace.

By Team ParentCircle

“I’m trying to study here and he’s playing loud music!” “Look, she’s scribbled all over my notebook!” “Mom, my sketch pens are missing. I know who the culprit is.” Endless fights among children, sometimes leading to a wrestling match! As parents, it’s hard to have to listen to this bickering day in and day out. But here’s some consolation—you are not alone. Let’s hear from other exasperated parents and then turn to Arundhati Swamy, Head of Parent Engagement Programme at ParentCircle, to learn how you can handle these situations with minimum stress and disappointment for everyone involved.

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