Showing your parents you care

Dear children, it is time to turn the tables and express your love for your parents. Here are tips to help you out.

By Akshya Ganesh  • 7 min read

Showing your parents you care

Remember the time you fell ill and your mother was up all night to nurse you back to health? Or, the time when your dad left work early just to take you to your favourite sporting event?

Well, we call them parents for more than a reason. Their role doesn’t end with welcoming us into this world. It continues until we grow up and stand on our feet. All this out of pure love. Such untainted love should never be one-sided. It comes a full circle only when returned. And to return, you definitely need not be doing big things. It only takes little bits to bring a smile to their faces.

Here are a bunch of things you can do to make your parents feel special:

Make time

When you are done with school and classes, just sit back with your parents for a while and discuss the details of your day with them. Share exciting incidents and insights or just talk to them about your friends and life in general at school. This will help your parents realise that you love them as much as they love you. Also, it will make them believe that you don’t have any hidden secrets. It will reinforce their trust in you.

Ashwini Raja, a newbie at college says, “We, as kids, shouldn’t be too demanding. I think it is important for us to acknowledge our parents and not take them for granted. And, the best way to do this is to spend time with them.”

Cook something special

You don’t have to cook something great, you can make something as simple as a Dosa or Idly. But, whatever you make, make it with love. Simple. If you can’t cook, help your mom cut vegetables. You will get to bond with her while helping her with the cooking. Avanthikaa Murugesh, a 15-year-old student, tries to help her mother with cooking whenever she can. She says, “There is no better feeling for me than to see my mother feel loved.” So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the kitchen right away.

Clean up the mess

If you are old enough to have a room of your own, you are old enough to clean it yourself too. Do simple things like making the bed in the morning, keeping your room tidy and your wardrobe in order. This way, you take a huge load off your mother’s shoulders. Your parents too will slowly start to realise that you are growing up to be an independent and responsible child.

Pamper them

Simple gestures like hugging your parents once in a while and telling them ‘I love you’, instantly makes them feel special. After all, it is not just you who feels the need to be pampered. Your parents too feel the need to be pampered. It lets them know that you value them and appreciate the things they do for you. Also, ask them how their day was. After a long and tiring day, they would really like it if you enquired and cared about them. It will make them feel extra special.

Own up to your mistakes

To err is human. Learn to accept your mistakes if your parents point them out. It is only to help you become a better individual. Rashi Gandhi, an 11-year-old, recollects an incident that has played a big role in transforming her at an early age. “My friend had taken my notebook home by mistake.

I got so angry that I screamed at her. But my mom made me realise that it was an accident and that my friend did not do so on purpose. Mom asked me to accept my mistake for having lost my cool. I did so and felt very good afterwards. I even saw a sweet smile on her face. It made her day,” she says.

Gift with love

You don’t need to earn money to gift your parents. Hand-made cards or gifts are most special. You can also save some of your monthly pocket money and buy them something nice.

The gift can be something as little as a card or a pen. Size never matters, it is the intention behind it that counts. They sure will love whatever you gift them. After all, you are gifting them out of pure love and respect.

Love is not just about the big things in life, it is about the little happy things. Your parents fill your life with an abundance of love, dedicate every waking moment to your well-being, often at the cost of their own dreams. Wouldn’t you like to be the cause of their joy and pride?

Do little things for your parents, and see how happy it makes them.