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Should Your Child Have Regular Health Check-Ups?

Have you been taking your child to the doctor only when he is ill? Do you also need to consider routine check-ups? Or is it too early? Read on for answers.

By Dr Rajath Athreya

As a paediatrician, I observe how there is a surge in the number of children visiting me during a break-out of seasonal illnesses. This is very much periodic. Often, when I am seeing a child unwell and distressed, the distraught parent not only wants me to ‘treat’ the child for the current episode, but also uses the ‘meeting opportunity’ to discuss about the child’s eating habits, her weight and height, tantrums and more. In short, the parent wants to make the most of the visit, trying to find solutions and answers to the many challenges she is facing with her child. Such consultations remind me of the time I am trying to zip up my over-packed suitcase for a holiday, things spilling out, things pressed out of shape or randomly pulled out to get it all in.

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