Should you enroll your child in Ballet?

Should boys learn ballet? How does ballet compare with Indian dance forms? What's the right age to learn ballet? Watch this interesting video interview to know more about ballet for children in India.

By Dr Meghna Singhal

Should you enroll your child in Ballet?

ParentCircle interacted with Ms. Elina Wisung, ballet teacher and choreographer with The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet. Ms. Wisung has trained in UK and currently teaches ballet in Bangalore.

Age- Career- Opportunities
Watch Ms. Wisung talk about the ideal age to start learning ballet, the importance of the right teacher versus school of ballet, and how performing on stage impacts a child. She also highlights the opportunities available for pursuing ballet in India.

Ballet vs Indian Classical Dance
How does ballet compare with Indian dance forms such as Kathak and Bharatnatyam? Could they be learned together? Ms. Wisung throws light on this.

Ballet for boys
Should boys learn ballet too? Ms. Wisung takes on some stereotypes about ballet being only for girls. She also talks about how ballet is gaining popularity in India.

Interviewed by Meghna Singhal, PhD on 1 August 2019.
Dr. Singhal is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate degree from NIMHANS (Bangalore) and holds a post-doctorate in parenting from the University of Queensland (Australia). She is Head of the Content Solution
s Zone at ParentCircle.

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