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Short Stories On ‘Learning’ And ‘Courage’

This Vijayadhasami, we present short stories that talk about ‘learning’ and 'courage' that will inspire your child.

By Team ParentCircle

‘Saraswathi Puja’, celebrated before Vijayadashami, is the special day when students offer their books and learning accessories like pens, pencils and geometry boxes in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswathi and seek her blessings. Students are not supposed to read on that day, since legend has it that this will help them learn throughout the year. This emphasises continuous learning. Vijayadashami, meanwhile, is meant for celebrating the victory of good over evil, and courage over fear. We pray to Goddess Durga to make us brave and courageous, and help us tackle all obstacles in life. So, this month, our central themes in 'short stories' are - Learning and Courage. Let's get started.

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