Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

Sometimes life gets to you. Sometimes, all you need is a little time to yourself. Say 30 minutes out of your busy 24 hours? Find out what you can do in this time. You will be surprised!

By Monali Bordoloi  • 11 min read

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

The busy mom is on her toes 24 hours a day. Well, almost! When there are days you don’t have enough time to eat or deck up properly, how then can you find some ‘me time’ for self-care? Yes, we understand – juggling home, office and kids take up so much of your time, that there is hardly any time left for yourself. Or so you assume! For if you can spare as little as 30 minutes from your busy schedule every other day, you get enough time for that coveted self-indulgence. Yes, you heard us right! Just 30 minutes to spare, and here we are with some doable self-care ideas.

It is about time you make an earnest effort towards trying to spend 30 minutes away from your tedious work, to do something that uplifts your spirits. And the time is NOW! When you are relaxed and in a good mood, you tend to handle stressful situations at office and home in a better manner. Those unexplainable lash outs and sudden outbursts of anger might just reduce for all you know! Carving out time away from your kids and everyday mundane tasks, is essential if not crucial, for your own well-being.

To get some insight into the importance of self-care for moms we talked to our in-house clinical psychologist Dr Meghna Singhal. 

A mother of two, Meghna is an astute multi-tasker and someone who does it all. Be it working out daily, baking healthy treats for her kids, going for a movie with her mom, or a date night with her husband, Meghna lives life to the fullest. Unlike most of us, you will never find Meghna talking about a lack of time to do things that matter to her. Did I mention that her kids are just 5 and 2.5 years old? So, the question arises – "how do you manage to do it all?"

Meghna explains, “It is doable. The only thing you need to do is prioritise. We all have the same 24 hours; I manage to squeeze in many things in a day as I prioritise and plan ahead. For instance, I always make a list of jobs to be completed at work each day. I time them to see how they fit into my day. If I take a 10-minute break between each task, I put even that time to use. In those 10 minutes, by planning ahead, I am able to give instructions to my household help, look up recipes online, reply to pending messages, or even bake cookies. I plan my schedule for the entire week, so managing my kitchen, my work, and my kids becomes easier. Also, I ensure that my children sleep early, so that gives me enough ‘me-time’ to unwind, relax, and really do the things that I enjoy.”

So, there you go, take out just 30 minutes from your day (even if in 10-minute breaks) and try to spend that time just for YOU. And here are some interesting suggestions to what you can do in those precious 30 minutes!

1. Watch some comedy

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

Laughter is the best medicine. And for good reason too! Nothing can beat that feeling of stress relief after you have had a good laugh. It is your cure for a bad day. So, in the half hour that you consciously keep aside for yourself, watch re-runs of your favourite comedy show such as Friends or laughter challenge. If stand-up comedy makes you crack up, go for it and have a good laugh over some random shows. Funny shows about baby rearing and parenting are also recommended as you can relate to these now more than ever. Check out the collection of comedy shows streaming on sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. These are bound to leave you uplifted with that feel-good factor.

2. Read or listen

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

If you are fond of reading, read whatever you can lay your hands on. Check out Amazon’s delectable collection of books and order one of your liking. Ebooks and online blogs are a great place for your literary explorations too. You could ideally catch up on your reading after putting your kids to sleep. Keep a 30 minute slot each night. You can even read on your commute to work, if you are not driving of course!

Got a half an hour break before you dive into your next task? Listen to some music of your choice. Tune in to the radio or listen to a podcast perhaps. Maybe you can even listen to an audiobook if you are hard pressed for time to pick up books. Amazon has a good collection of audiobooks to choose from. Better still, dance to the beats of the music you are listening to, your kiddo will certainly enjoy mama’s dancing, even if you have two left feet!

3. Adult colouring books

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

Want to take your mind off the mundane chores of day-to-day life? Spend some time with adult colouring books to achieve that! The intricate designs of these books waiting to be filled up with a wide array of colours, are meant to keep you mindlessly occupied for hours. Bring out your colour pencils, sketches and markers, and indulge in some mindfulness for half an hour every alternate day. At the end of it, you are left with some lovely artwork that you can put up at your workstation. Check out the Mandala Colouring book for adults from Amazon.

4. Baking

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

Get your hands to work the dough, cream the butter, or whip the eggs — all of these can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Creating things that are tangible — that can be touched, felt, smelt, lends meaning and pleasure to those who create it. Yes, we are talking about baking. Don’t worry, if you have not tried your hand at baking before. With the right tools, your baking experience will be a cakewalk! Start small and follow recipes from popular blogs. Invest in some basic baking supplies from Amazon and get baking!

5. Home spa 

Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms In 30 Minutes

Raising children, cooking, cleaning along with all the other tasks around the home hardly leave you with time for a spa or salon visit. That does not mean you should neglect your appearance. For when you look good, you feel good! And you could do with that little extra boost to your spirit. If you can find the time to go to a salon, that’s great, if not, you can utilise your 30 minutes ‘me time’ to invest in looking gorgeous. Yes, if you plan well enough, you can take care of your hair, skin and groom yourself regularly.

Every weekend or however it works for you, find that 30 minutes to probably oil your hair, or apply a face pack, or a long luxurious bath, or some pedicure, or simply paint your finger and toe nails in a shocking shade of orange and add on some nail art. You can even do a complete hair spa at home. Check out the products from Amazon. Instructions for most face peel or home facial kit says you need to keep it for 15 minutes or till it is dry, so you are still good and within your 30 minute window!

Also, if you are looking to squeeze some fitness time into your daily routine, try to take out half an hour in the morning for some yoga. To get you inspired, try out the wow-looking Yoga gear from Amazon. Don’t forget to buy a Yoga Mat too!

Also, if you have a long-lost hobby, use your 30 minutes to slowly start reviving your love for it. Be it painting, learning a musical instrument, knitting or crochet — let it find a spot in your life again!

Most moms end up making the mistake of only thinking about their kids and family, and exhaust themselves. It is important to have some time for yourself, and there are so many things you can do. Choose one today and make it a habit to follow it without going down the guilt road. To all those moms out there, Judy Christie, author of Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms has some words of wisdom for you. "Don't waste precious time and energy trying to do everything, fretting when you fall short. You can't do everything, no matter how terrific a mom you are. Instead, spend time deciding what works for you and your family.”

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