Secrets of the dark tulasi

Do you know that the humble dark tulasi leave in your balcony have many medicinal value? Discover the many benefits of the dark Tulasi with this article.

By Navin Sharma

Secrets of the dark tulasi

Considered as a holy plant, the tulasi has many other uses. The darkish variety of the plant is called as the Krishna tulasi. It is among the most difficult to grow varieties of tulasis. It has been used by our ancestors for more than 5,000 years for medicinal purposes.
Here, we share a few tips that can come in handy while treating your child:

For general health

  • To maintain your toddler’s health, give 2g of tulsi juice three to four times a day. This will prevent many types of childhood ailments.
  • Ayurvedic soaps which use Krishna tulasi as the main ingredient can prevent skin problem in children during the monsoon.

For cold

  • A mixture of a teaspoon of tulsi juice and half a teaspoon of honey will bring quick relief to cough and sore throat.
  • In case of fever caused by a cold, smear the tulasi juice on the child’s chest and forehead. Let him inhale the vapours emitted by the juice, it will bring down the fever.

For stomach problems

  • For diarrhoea that accompanies teething, give powdered tulasi leaves with pomegranate syrup to the baby.
  • Boil extract of tulasi (leaves and stalk) in two cups of water, cool it down, sweeten with sugar or honey. Give it to your child to relieve constipation and distension of the stomach.
  • The boiled water extract is also an effective remedy for liver disorders in children.

For skin infections

  • Apply a paste of the tulasi leaves and lemon juice to treat ringworms and other fungal infections.
  • Grind together some leaves of tulasi and neem, with a few drops of water mixed with turmeric powder and make a paste. This works particularly well for skin infections between the toes and fingers.

For healthy skin

  • Rub dried leaves of tulasi on your children’s faces as you apply talcum powder; this makes the skin healthy.
  • Mix crushed tulasi leaves in bath water. This will not only make your child’s skin radiant but also help prevent skin infections that are caused by pollution.

For Wounds

  • A mixture of tulasi juice and coconut oil will give quick relief from blisters (from burns), wounds and rashes.
  • Apply tulasi leaves which are ground in distilled water to make skin eruptions subside in a short time.

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