Scorpio prediction: December month 2018

For ages, people have believed in the power of astrology. One’s moon sign plays an important factor in deciding whether one is favoured by Lady Luck or besieged by failures. Read on to know more.


Scorpio prediction: December month 2018

Scorpio Parent

This month would help you bring name and fame in the social circle.

Finance flow will be good throughout the month. Unwanted expenses would decrease. Investments will not be beneficial and would lead to losses in the 2nd part of the month. Profits and income will improve in the 2nd part of the month. Some of the loans will be paid off and new loans may rise. Speculation may favour and brings gains, but do not indulge intensely.

Legal disputes will not favour you and could bring some more problems. Avoid being emotional with family members and relations. Harmony with family members in the early part of the month is foreseen. You cannot expect a cordial relationship in 2nd part of the month. Association with friends will not be healthy and may bring disturbance and disputes.

Travels do not favour and may be exhausting. Spiritual activities will bring inner peace and religious travels will be possible.

Social activities will bring new relationships and the 2nd part of the month may have bitter experiences with eminent people.

In career, there may be success or promotion in a profession, which would increase your reputation and standing. But there may be encounters and tensions in your public and professional life.

The latter part of the month would be favourable for both partnerships as well as businesses. The latter part will bring in new deals and ventures.

Cine folks may suffer in the latter part of the month. Realtors would score well all through the month. Doctors, surgeons and politicians would succeed in the last week of the month.

Love life and romance will not be satisfying in the early part of the month. You have to be very careful in handling the beloved ones. Otherwise, you may be frustrated and become impatient. There may be some impediments in married life in day to day life. Your spouse may be habituated to spending money lavishly. You should treat each other with love and affection, which will keep you in good mood.

Health will cooperate and some of them may face minor ailments. Those who have chronic ailments should take additional care in health. Health of the parents may be disturbed and it would affect the routine life.

Scorpio Little Ones

This month is good for concentrating on the subjects that need extra efforts for the children. Their hard work will fetch good results. However, they have to inculcate positive thoughts in their approach to witness results in their favour. They may make some errors due to some lapses in concentration. They need to be more conscious of their responsibilities. Their friends and games will be the source of a distraction this month. They may have to stay away from unwanted friendship and activities. Relationships with family members may get spoilt because of unwanted arguments. Problems related to colds/ a cough may bother them for the month. They should avoid the intake of cold items.


  • Worship Vishnu on Tuesdays
  • Take blessings from parents daily
  • Feed dogs on Tuesdays

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