Sagittarius prediction: December month 2018

For ages, people have believed in the power of astrology. One’s moon sign plays an important factor in deciding whether one is favoured by Lady Luck or besieged by failures. Read on to know more.

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Sagittarius prediction: December month 2018

Sagittarius Parent

This month will help you maintain your name and fame. Your thoughts would change you and your family. Emotions and money matters don't mix well.

Your prestige in the social circle would be bright.

Money flow will be satisfactory throughout the month. There will be a cordial relationship with your family members and friends. You may get gains from your relations. Expenses may come under control in the latter part of the month. Some may come across expenses through auspicious events. Investments may not work as planned and may bring some losses.

Speculation would be favourable and may bring gains. Do not indulge vigorously in investments. Emotional moments may occur while dealing with friends, relations, and neighbours. Avoid getting emotional.

Money transaction, court cases, disputes may not favour you. Travels will be pleasant and beneficial. Spiritual activities will bring peace of and may seek blessings from the guru. You will engage yourself by doing charity in the concluding part of the month.

Career will be positive and gainful in the latter of the month. Through diligence and effort, you will be able to succeed at your plans and ambitious pursuits. Communication with your superiors or with people in authority who are in a position will be difficult. Some miscommunication may happen. Your hard work will go unrecognized.

Partners can make you lose your peace of mind. Business would face normalcy. This is not the right month to enter into new deals or ventures. Those in the tinsel world would succeed in the early part of the month. Realtors may suffer.

Romance and love affairs would be in store but will cost you more.

Disharmony and non-cooperation amongst the couple will cause some concern. Relationship improves in the latter part.

Health would remain pink throughout but for some minor ailments. Diabetes patients should take additional care. The health of parents will disturb your normal life.

Sagittarius Little One

This month would help in achieving the goals after proper planning for the children. They are likely to receive more favours from their friends and mentors. This will be very motivating for them. Their potential will be identified and appreciated. They will enjoy with their friends and family. Irregularity in attending the classes is seen. This may cause some disturbance in their routine and will not help them to complete their work on time. They would attend auspicious functions. They may also go for pilgrimage along with the family. They may lose or break electronic devices. So they may have to handle it with care. They will enjoy a good level of physical fitness. Minor head and leg aches are possible to some of them.


  • Worship Ganesha on Thursdays.
  • Take blessings from parents daily
  • Donate books to children

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