Safety Checks for Your Two-Year-Old

You need to have some special safety checks in place if you have a bouncy two-year-old at home. Read on to find out more about these checks.

By Ram Shankar

Safety Checks for Your Two-Year-Old

At two years, your toddler is a bundle of energy. She loves to run, jump and play. She enjoys her new-found thrill machine — her tricycle! As she explores the world, both inside and outside the house, she may veer into dangerous situations. Here are some tips to ensure her safety.

For a safe ride

  • Get her a tricycle that has a low base. Before she gets on to her tricycle, ensure that she wears a helmet and it is properly strapped.
  • Don’t allow her to ride her tricycle on the street or near the swimming pool.

Indoor safety

  • Install stairway gates, both at the top and the bottom of the stairs.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of his reach.
  • Do not keep objects that are heavy or made of glass on table tops that are within his reach.
  • Keep medicines out of his reach.
  • If water or oil spills on to the floor, clean it up immediately.
  • It is natural for your toddler to walk around the different rooms in the house. Ensure that hot vessels or heavy items in the kitchen are kept at a height that he cannot reach.
  • Forks and knives are not toys. Never allow your toddler to play with such pointed or sharp objects, even when you are around.
  • If you are using an immersion rod to heat water in the bathroom, keep your toddler out of the bathroom until you remove the rod from the bucket.
  • Don’t allow her to play with a plastic bag. She may choke on it or suffocate if she accidentally covers her face with it.

In the playground

  • In the playground, watch her carefully. Allow her to play only on the equipment meant for her age group.
  • Don’t let your toddler walk in front of or behind a swing when another child is using it.

In the garden

  • Don’t let your toddler pluck and eat anything from a plant without your permission.
  • If you have sprayed chemical pesticides in your home garden, don’t let him play in there for at least 48 hours.

Safety around waterbodies

  • Toddler pools are becoming popular nowadays. Toddlers should play in such pools only under adult supervision. Do not leave your two-year-old unattended in these pools. After use, empty the pool and deflate it before storing.
  • Also, never leave your toddler unattended in bathtubs.

Around pet animals

  • Immunise your pets against rabies.
  • Keep your pets clean by giving them regular baths. Clean the floor regularly to get rid of the fur they shed.
  • Never leave your toddler alone with your pet.
  • Teach him not to tease the animal or bring his face close to the pet. Many children find it amusing to pull the animal’s tail or to kiss the animal. This can provoke the animal and cause it to bite or scratch.

Giving importance to safety practices will not only safeguard your precious toddler from danger but also make her understand the importance of safety at a young age.