#RightToLearn: Parents And Teachers Take To Twitter Against Ban On Online Classes

With the recent ban on online classes, agitated parents and educators took to Twitter to oppose the State Govt orders. Here are some select tweets from a tweetstorm that reflect their concern

By Team ParentCircle

#RightToLearn: Parents And Teachers Take To Twitter Against Ban On Online Classes

On Sunday, June 21, Twitter was abuzz with a flurry of tweets from parents, teachers and educationists. #RightToLearn was trending on Twitter with several people voicing their opinion against the ban on online classes by a few State Governments. The tweetstorm, from 2 to 6 pm, saw parents, teachers and educators demand that the respective Governments reverse their orders.

Last week, the Government of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh put a ban on online classes for pre-primary and primary classes (till class 5). While, the Maharashtra Government banned all online classes for students up to class 2. However, parents and educators were quite vocal about their disappointment over this move by the State Governments.

The common consensus is that parents across India feel this ban on learning is against the constitutional rights of the children and could hamper their education in the long run. To put pressure on the Governments to revoke the ban, they decided to come together on Twitter to protest. The online protest saw some thought-provoking messages and valid points being raised. It also saw heart-tugging tweets from parents who shared images of their children displaying placards urging the authorities to lift the ban on online classes. Further, several hilarious memes were part of the tweetstorm, as many parents took a humorous approach to get their point across.

Here, is a compilation of interesting tweets that we have curated for you:

ParentCircle Participates In The #RightToLearn Campaign

ParentCircle took part in the tweetstorm as well. Here are the tweets we posted:

More Tweets From Parents, Teachers And Educators

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Compiled by Team ParentCircle on 22 June 2020.

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