Raising A Reader

Here is a fun practice that can not only help boost your child’s intelligence and overall development, but also allow you both to bond. Read!

By Aarthi Arun

When my son turned 4, I took him to a bookstore to buy his first ‘chapter’ book. I stood in the shop watching rows and rows of colourful books, and asked him, “Which book should I pick for you?” “Journey to the Centre of the Earth!”, my son responded thoughtfully. With both shock and amazement, I asked my son how he knew about the book. To my utter surprise, he ‘picked it up’ from me. Almost a year ago, I was reading this very book on my e-reader. That evening, after my usual bedtime reading, my son was cranky and wouldn't sleep. So, I started reading the book aloud to pacify him. The volcanoes and dinosaurs got him hooked, and the name of the book stuck with him. He remembers it to the day. Amazing, isn’t it. Did you see how my son got interested in a book without any extra effort on my part? If you too are looking for ways to create a similar impact on your child, you're at the right place.

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