Raising A Nature Lover

In our Raising Series, this month, we take a look at how you can raise your child as someone who loves, respects and protects nature.

By Aarthi Arun

“Shall we go outside?" are the four magic words that can instantly take my son's interest away from TV or any gadget. No other words of coaxing or threatening work with him. I am glad that he is still curious about the outside world. Living amidst the concrete jungles of a metro city, we hardly get enough nature around us. But, we do manage with whatever little we have. A squirrel scuttering in the nearby tree, a butterfly fluttering over a flower bunch, a snail tottering along after the monsoons, a millipede lingering on a drumstick tree, the first sight of a tomato fruit – I don't think any TV programme or video game lights up my son's eyes the way these simple, yet beautiful things do.

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