Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

Wondering how you can prepare your child for kindergarten without sending her to preschool? Read on for some valuable tips.

By Aruna Raghuram

Mamta is a stay-at-home mom to her two-year-old son Rohan. She and her husband decided against sending him to a daycare or preschool. Mamta loves playing and reading to Rohan. She wants him to spend time at home till the inevitable routine of school life begins in a couple of years. But she does get a tad anxious at times, and wonders if Rohan will be well equipped to deal with the expectations from his teacher and school when he starts kindergarten at the age of four. Should she be teaching him colours, shapes, the alphabet and more, at home? Or, can she just let him play? A dilemma she faces every day…

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