Preparing For The New School Term

Summer holidays are a time to relax and have fun. You should also use the time sparingly to start preparing your child for the new school year. We’ve included a set of tasks you can do.

By Arundhati Swamy

Yippee! it’s the holidays not just for the children, but for parents too! Freedom from the hands of the clock that seem to tighten their hold on us with each passing second; freedom from the tension of getting our children to school on time; freedom from the frenzy of drops and pick-ups; freedom from the stresses of submissions and meeting deadlines. Time to heave a deep sigh of relief! But… oh, oh! The party-spoiler pops up… no more quiet moments of escape while the children are at school! The long lazy vacations are upon us, at least for the children! For some, there’s so much time, in fact maybe too much of it for comfort. As parents, we plan and conceive unusual ways to keep our children occupied, out of our hair, and out of trouble!

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