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Potty Training Regression Why It Happens And How To Handle It

Is your fully potty-trained child suddenly having regular 'accidents'? Here are tips to handle this unusual situation and help your child get back on track.

By Dr Sulata Shenoy

Mia was a happy and healthy child, who was fully potty trained by the time she turned 2.5. Her parents were proud of her and pleased with themselves for what they had achieved. But when Mia turned five, she started soiling her underpants at school almost on a daily basis. This sudden development was happening not only at school but also at home. Her parents and teachers were shocked. The paediatrician did a full medical investigation and certified that Mia was medically fit, with no reason to experience a regression in her potty training. Her parents tried counselling her and also humiliating her in the hope that she would be shamed into stopping her behaviour, but to no avail.

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