Poor Marks? Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

When Seetha comes home with poor marks, her parents are very upset. Read on to see what happens next.

By Team ParentCircle

Ten year-old Seetha’s hands shook as she looked at her graded science exam paper. A couple of weeks ago, she had taken the mid-term exam. Her parents had pushed her hard to study. But Seetha found it difficult to focus, thanks to the unrelenting pressure. Now, she was staring at her performance – ‘70/100’ jumped out at her. ‘How am I going to face my parents?’ was her first thought. They had sent her to tuition classes, and made sure she sat alone in her room with snacks and juices without any distraction. They were expecting at least 90% from her. Now, they would be disappointed and upset. It wasn’t until after dinner that night did Seetha gather the courage to show the exam paper to her parents. Her doting mother Renu’s face fell and her father, Hari’s face became flushed with anger. Seetha’s parents were shocked to see their daughter’s poor performance. The extra tuitions, promises of rewards, threats of punishment, and words of advice were all for nothing. As Seetha was fearing the response from her parents, Renu remarked, “We did our part. Seetha worked hard. Obviously, the teacher doesn’t like Seetha and so she has not given her good marks.”Hari nodded in approval. “Seetha, we know you worked hard. Don’t worry. Your mother will talk to your teacher tomorrow to see why she has not given you the marks you deserve. Goodnight my girl and sleep well,” said Hari. A ‘stunned’ Seetha is relieved. She doesn’t have to worry about her poor performance anymore.

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