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Please Join Us To Celebrate #GadgetFreeHour 2020

#GadgetFreeHour is back this year on November 20, World Children’s Day. Make it special for your child by going gadget-free for an hour, and create memories for a lifetime!

By Team ParentCircle

Gadgets have taken over our lives. We keep our mobiles right beside our pillow while sleeping and check our emails first thing in the morning. At work, we spend around nine hours before the screen. After work, we continue to respond to our work emails and work phone calls (more often than not, these are tasks that can wait till the next morning). Our “relaxation” is the TV and social media. Just before we hit the bed, we check WhatsApp and diligently go through all the forwards we have received, and pass on a couple to others. And now, in the time of COVID-19, it’s gotten worse. Unable to go out, our entertainment screen time has gone up, and WFH and online learning have added to our screen-time woes.

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