Pisces prediction: December month 2018

For ages, people have believed in the power of astrology. One’s moon sign plays an important factor in deciding whether one is favoured by Lady Luck or besieged by failures. Read on to know more.

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Pisces prediction: December month 2018

Pisces parent

This month would help you see growth in career and increase in joy. Your name and fame in social status will be good.

Avoid arguments with family members and try to maintain peace and harmony with them. Relationship with friends and relatives will not be healthy and may face disturbances through them. There may be differences between your siblings which would bring some bitter experiences.

Travels will be productive and spiritual travel brings inner satisfaction and peace.

Finance flow and gains may increase to your expected level. Wasteful expenditures will decrease and expenses through spiritual activities would be possible. Speculation would be unfavourable. Avoid game of chance.

Debts and loans may increase in the 1st part of the month and the latter part of the month you will help you pay off the loan. Legal disputes and court cases may not be favourable and would disturb your normal life.

You may participate in spiritual activities and seek the blessings from the enlightened master. You may acquire friends in the spiritual area. Social activities of this month would lead to happiness and innovative.

In a career, your hard work and talents will be bright in the concluding part of the month. You will get support from colleagues and higher officials. If in business, speculative business will not favour and leads to losses. People in the field of communication will see gains and would gain in their area. Realtors would succeed.

Romance and love affairs may not favour you and will cost you. Misunderstandings between the couples are possible in the latter part of the month.

You may have a minor health crisis and tensions in the 1st part of the month.

Beware of waterborne diseases.


Pisces little ones

This month Pisces children would get good guidance and encouragement from their mentor. They should take this to their advantage. Temple visits and spiritual tours would be likely with family members. They may need to be more calculative to witness results in their favour. There are chances to make mistakes while carrying out their work. They may need to clear unnecessary thoughts in their mind and pay attention to their tasks. Visiting the library and spending more time in reading books would keep you happy. They would be very sensitive and emotional during this period, and that could lessen their productivity. They may be a little careless and overconfident in whatever they do, so they have to be more practical and grounded. Health will remain pink.


  • Worship Shiva on Thursdays
  • Take blessings from parents daily
  • Feed dogs on Thursdays


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