Parent's Wish List: What I Wish My Child's School And Teachers Will Do Next Year

Are you happy with what your school is doing for your child’s educational needs and overall development? Here’s what some parents want their children’s schools to do next year.

By Jasmine Kaur  • 8 min read

Parent's Wish List: What I Wish My Child's School And Teachers Will Do Next Year

Every New Year brings with it hope for new beginnings and learnings. And, it is no different when it comes to school, which is an important part of a child’s life.

With this in mind, we reached out to a few parents to find out what they would like their child’s school to do differently in 2019 and why.

Parent's Wish List For 2019

From encouraging creativity to raising their child’s social awareness, parents have a varied wish list for the year 2019. Let's read on to know what parents really want:

1. Focus more on practical subject matter

Parents: Gopinath and Kavitha Parthasarathy

Child: Guru R. Gopinath, Class III

We want our child’s school to focus more on practical and hands-on education, than relying only on conventional and theoretical concepts. We want our child to learn to ask ’Why’ and ‘How’ rather than just accept what he is told. I would like the teachers to:

  1. Get trained in more practical teaching approaches.
  2. Cite examples from nature and events happening around us to teach what’s necessary.
  3. Focus more on hands-on education rather than using tech-based learning.
  4. Reduce stress on children with fewer homework assignments.

Children today have various resources for learning aside from the school. If schools and teachers do not keep up with the requirements of the current generation, children might find studying in school tedious and lose interest in learning.

2. Focus on creativity and content

Parent: Saral Mukherjee

Child: Shoumik Mukherjee, Class I

Teachers and schools should focus more on developing the child’s creativity and comprehension skills. Instead of rote learning, I wish that they pay attention to constructivism, and use stories and games to enhance reading skills.

Instead of differentiating on the basis of grades, teachers must focus more on empowering knowledge by conducting quizzes, drawing competitions and story narrations. Focus should be more on the content, as it helps develop the students’ cognitive skills.

3. Help children understand the collective nature of society

Parent: Sheen Johns J R

Child: Zubin S Johns, Class IV

I think schools should set aside one period a week for talent development. They should also encourage group interactions, in order to change the student’s thinking from an ‘I’ to a ‘We’.

Moreover, I think an open forum where students, teachers, parents and the management can interact more would be great for coming up with new ideas for better learning and empowering the students.

4. Raise the students’ awareness

Parent: G. Feroz

Child: F. Aafreen Kadeeja, Class VII

I think the school and teachers should work on creating awareness about socio-political changes in the country. And, they should interact more with children on such topics to prepare them to be more proactive in the face of challenges.

Knowledge derived from books without updating the content is not of much help. At a time when people are more polarised, it’s better to make children more socio-politically aware to help them make informed decisions in the future.

5. Encourage children to take up social initiatives

Parent: Varsha Aswani

Children: Jai Aswani and Preet Aswani, Class I and 7

I want my children's school to start a club for social initiatives, so that students can work on programmes like:

  • Rise for Rice (collect and distribute rice to old-age homes and orphanages)
  • He for She (where children are taught equality and respect for each other)

Though I think it’s important to give students the choice to select their own projects, the schools should guide them in implementing these initiatives.

I also think that teachers should encourage children to talk more through simple activities like debates. For example, they can be given a general topic to discuss and present their views and the best speaker can be rewarded. This motivates other children to speak their hearts out and also, form their own views.

6. Have more discussions on important topics

Parent: Pavithra K

Child: Pragathi N, Pre-KG

I think it would be a good idea if my child’s school can arrange a parent meet once in a month to share a few best practices that other parents follow in raising their children.

Moreover, in class, teachers can hold discussions on topics such as safety, money management, traditional games and the importance of learning the mother tongue. I personally believe that these are important and children should know about them.

Reading between the lines, along with good education, it is clear that parents today want their children to be socially and environmentally conscious too. If taken up by schools, the initiatives that parents have suggested can go a long way towards helping the child’s overall development. Doing so, will also create a better society for all of us.

We wish that schools and teachers take note of what these parents have said and act on them in the New Year. 

About the author:

Written by Jasmine Kaur on 31 December 2018.

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