Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life

The coronavirus pandemic turned our lives upside down. For most parents’ family life is now totally different, work from home included. A few parents share their lifestyle in the times of COVID-19

By Monali Bordoloi  • 9 min read

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life

Weekend is coming! So, a visit to the mall with the kids, catching up on the latest blockbuster in the multiplex and rounding it off with dinner at your favourite restaurant are on the cards, right? Wrong, that was before the coronavirus took over our lives. Now, there is no more leisurely outings with the kids or eating outs. Everyone, parents and children are having to change old habits and embrace new ones. How are parents coping with this changed scenario? They tell us…

What Parents are thinking

“The phrase ‘Social Distancing’ has become a part and parcel of our lives. It is our survival mantra to keep the family safe and healthy. Of course, our social life has changed drastically. We are now looking at a future where kitty parties would be via group chatting from the comfort of our own homes. And instead of going to gym or yoga classes, we will be hooked to at-home exercises streamed to us via TV or mobile phones. We are already greeting our dear ones with a namaste and not a hug and have said bye-bye to weekends at malls and theatres, at least for the time being. Instead, we are now spending more time at home, catching up on movies. Watching TV as a family with popcorn and piping hot coffee has now become our idea of chilling out. My husband and I discuss about our meals and try out new cuisines and we all enjoy home-cooked food. As parents, we have now began to encourage our kids to have quiet birthday parties at home, where blessings and gifts from elders and dear ones are virtual. Exchanging gifts and return gifts are completely out. Large family gatherings during festivals also seem to be impossible. However, I do feel that even though physical distancing is increasing, it is bringing humans closer through emotional bonding as ways of expressing our love is changing.”  

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Kavita is mother of a teenager, Anushka Dey

“Parenting in times of coronavirus has become a different ballgame. Whether it is social life of parents or children’s learning, technology now plays a vital role. I can see three major changes in our lives in coming days. Children are showing symptoms of psychological stress as they are all cooped up inside home. So, parents need to check on their children's mental health too. Fear of socialising is another factor. We must school ourselves and our children to take all necessary precautions and not let the fear of the virus disrupt our lives. So, we also have to make staying at home and enjoying family time indoors the new normal."

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Kanisha is mother of 2-year-old Kriyansh K Shah

“Our world, during the pandemic went for a toss as our schedules changed overnight. As schools are closed indefinitely, my children are learning remotely now. Simple joys of life such as swimming, playdates and sleepovers do not happen anymore. So, as a parent, my daily routine, responsibilities, time spent with the kids has also definitely changed. Sometimes life throws us curveballs. But, surprisingly, our children have adapted to this new life quite well. They now focus on learning different things, taking interest in cooking, and are finding new ways to connect with their friends remotely. Washing our hands regularly, sanitizing everything, eat home-cooked meals, avoid travel and staying at home have become a part of our lives now."                                                                           

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Roopa is mother of two teenagers, Shreya and Arjun

"Wearing the mask, washing our hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, and following new routines such as sanitizing and cleaning ourselves after a trip outside have also become a part of our lives. I am also constantly guiding and training my children to follow social distancing and to maintain proper hygiene. These days, I am paying more attention towards providing immunity-enhancing diet and supplements to children and to all other family members."

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Dr Jyoti is mother of 9-year-old Divyanshi and 2-years-old Jahnavi

"This pandemic has changed my life's approach and how we should appreciate life. I also constantly convince myself not to worry about tomorrow, so now, we all focus on cherishing each moment, appreciating simple joys of life and not worry too much about the future. One important lesson we have learnt during this pandemic is to look at situations in a positive light. We now believe life is unbelievably unpredictable, so make the best out of it. Struggle makes us realise our strength. This phase of our life has been an eye opener. All our family members have adapted beautifully to the new norms. It has also given us an opportunity to show gratitude to people around us." 

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Revauthi is mother of 10-year-old Nikil and 4-year-old Navneeth 

"Every parent’s life has definitely changed. We have become skeptical to send our kids to school. We are worried about online classes, about children's hygiene, screen time, immunity and many such things. So much so that we are scared to even send our children for birthday parties and social gatherings. Parents of toddlers and preschoolers now have new anxieties about hospital visits for vaccination and other simple everyday care. As parents we need to be strong to be able to guide our children during the crisis time."

Parents' Opinion: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Life
Sayantani Ray is mother of 5-year-old Shubhrayan Ghosh

Do you have something to say about how the pandemic has impacted you and your family? How do you explain the coronavirus pandemic to your preschooler. Share with us. 

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Compiled  by Monali Bordoloi on 28 July 2020.

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