Parenting Milestones: Stories Of Love And Laughter

We all keep track of our kid's first baby steps or first bicycle ride. Well, these parents are celebrating their 'parenting' milestones, and we think they must all be applauded for them!

By Kerina De Floras  • 13 min read

Parenting Milestones: Stories Of Love And Laughter
Nothing better than spending an entire morning staring into my baby daughter's eyes, whispering, "I can't do this"
– Ryan Reynolds

Besides being the hilarious superhero as we know him to be, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is a doting dad. The above statement is his general take on parenthood, and we know you can relate to it, too – whether you have a toddler or a teenager! Parenting isn’t easy – it comes with its joys, experiences and realisations as well as challenges, tantrums and lessons on taking a nap even while doing laundry.

As parents, we all take pride in celebrating our children and the milestones they cross. We replay scenes in our head (and cameras) of when they cooed ‘mama’ in that baby babble, when they tried to stand up on their own or when they rode their bicycle without you tagging along breathlessly. Despite being tired, deprived of sleep or hungry, you always make sure your child feels appreciated at every milestone achieved.

We believe the magic starts from you, so we came up with something to celebrate the parent in you. Here you will find hilarious recounts of parents who handled situations with their kids, like a pro. These ‘parenting milestones’ are both hilarious and eye-opening. They all share a sense of achievement, even though parents were not applauded or patted on the back for these. Here is to parenthood and dealing with challenges like a pro!

"Gave her a bath – and she enjoyed it!"

Parents of infants and toddlers are faced with one interesting challenge every day – bath time! Are you dreaming of the day when you can give them a quiet bath? Here is one happy parent who celebrates her toddler’s first peaceful bath time! Josephine Jeni fondly recollects the day she had a ‘parenting’ milestone.

“Sarah is always excited about bath time as she loves to splash water around. However, one thing that sets her off is when she gets her head wet. We then have to deal with 20 minutes of non-stop crying because the water ‘hurts’ when it’s on her head. Shower caps do not seem to work either. They are thrown as far away as possible with her little hands. Giving her a hurried bath was the only thing that seemed to work. Well, they worked till she started realising what we were doing. One day we took a little rubber elephant into the tub. We don’t know what amused her more – the floating elephant or her parents’ tensed faces, but she enjoyed it. That day, the water was all over her head and she didn’t seem to mind at all! We had finally found a way! That day felt like a big achievement, and we even let her have a bite of toffee. The trick didn’t work the next day though (we didn’t expect much), but it felt good to have had one peaceful bath experience!”

"Public tantrum? Not on my watch!"

Parents of young children understand the challenge of handling tantrums at home. However, when a tantrum ensues in public, it is a whole different experience. While we pre-plan and go to lengths to keep the kids happy when we go out, sometimes things just spiral out of control! Whether it was the time he bawled on the floor of the supermarket because you wouldn’t get him a shaving razor, or when she kicked you angrily (painfully) when you told her she needed to wait for her chance to get on the swing, children can be quite unpredictable. This parent tells us about one such incident when her son threw a tantrum inside a mall, but instead of being embarrassed, she handled it like a pro!

“We were shopping for Rohan that day”, says Mrs. Mira. “He noticed a pair of pyjamas and told me he wanted them. I tried to tell him they were for adults, but he insisted on trying them on as he was a ‘big boy’ now. As I reluctantly took him to the trial room with the oversized pyjamas, my eyes caught a smaller size of the same pair in the kids’ section. He tried on the pyjamas and I saw tears welling up in his eyes. Surprise – they were too big for him. I called the store helper and whispered something in her ear. ‘The store helper tells me they can shrink the pyjamas for you Rohan!’ I said to him, without batting an eyelid. A tantrum was the last thing I needed after hours of shopping. He looked up at me and said ‘Really? Can I see the machine?’. Trying to keep my voice calm, I told him it wouldn’t work if people saw it, and a person could use it only once in a lifetime. Of course, I didn’t want to do this again the next time we came shopping. He handed the pyjamas to the store helper and in minutes we were out of there with his right size. I felt a little guilty of having done that, but we were both happy at the end of the day. One day I will let him know!”

"She actually agreed with me! I think I did it!"

Parents with teenagers are either constantly trying to steer their teens’ lives towards a fruitful future or pushing them to take up responsibilities. Either way, teens appear to believe that agreeing with their parent on something is not ‘cool’. No wonder Ms. Ramaswamy had the shock of her life when her teen daughter nodded in agreement with her one day!

“It was a normal day as I picked her up from her piano class after work. I was tired from a tough day and thought we could go out for dinner. Neetu liked going out for dinner so I knew she would be happy about it. I asked her and she nodded, without looking up from her mobile phone. This was something I did not like. Teens these days spend most of their time, heads buried into their social media accounts, and parents hardly get a cheerful conversation with them. I decided to talk about this to her during dinner. We got home and got ready for dinner. Just around 7, I received a message from my husband saying he was stuck at work and would be late. Not really wanting to drive in the rush hour traffic, I went to my daughter’s room and asked her if we can order in. She was already dressed and propped on the bed with her favourite pair of heels, and I was half expecting her to scream at me, “You always do this! I could have gone out with my friends!” What surprised me was that she actually looked up at my tense face and said, “Chill mom, that’s okay shall I order a pizza?” I think she saw my jaw drop because she laughed a little and said, “You look funny mom!” I gave her a smile and closed the door, not wanting to ruin the moment I had just earned. Wow, she did agree with me, once!”

"I realised he was just like me!"

There is nothing more joyous for a parent to know that their child has inherited some of their good traits or habits. They are happy when they see that their child excels at school or in sports or is exceptionally kind to people. Mr. Sharma went one step further and celebrated when he found out that his son had also acquired his one-of-a-kind habit which he was known for as a kid!

“When I was a kid, I got into trouble for a lot of things. My parents did not think much when I urged my friends to start a paper throw war at lunch time, or when I sat with a senior year for music class, unnoticed by the teacher. The toughest thing they had to endure was the calls I made to people randomly picked from dad’s contact list. I dialled up my teacher once and spoke to her for about 30 minutes before my parents realised that I was actually on call – and this was when I was just 7 years old. I did not get into trouble for that but I rattled about my parents to her, which did cause a bit of an embarrassment. Little did I expect that my son would pick up my habit too, and much earlier than I had expected! Haran was 4 years old and attending school when one day we caught him with my wife’s phone, seriously talking to someone. He was perched on a chair, hands in the air, talking animatedly and my wife thought he was just imitating one of us. When we went closer to him, we realised he was talking to someone – my friend who lived in USA! He was going on about how we made him eat his vegetables, how we do not let him talk to his friends much and how my wife did not understand why he couldn’t go on a date because he was too young! I couldn’t help laughing loudly and that’s when he turned to see us. Without batting an eyelid, he said on the phone ‘The Sharmas are here’, handed the phone to us and walked out. I got the phone and found my friend laughing on the other end of the line as well. I was so excited that my son was just like me in this!”

"I am independent, and I love it!"

Our lives take a complete turn when we become parents. Our lives become centred around the kids and sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves or be independent. This mom, Vidya Nesarikar was also frustrated because she seemed to have lost a tiny part of herself. How she bounced back and became a star is her story! 

"When I had my son I stopped driving. Either took a taxi or my husband drove. I got used to the immobility but sometimes it was frustrating as I had to depend on others. Once when I was pregnant with my second child, my son who was 3 years old had a birthday party to attend, across the city. I could not get a taxi and my husband was travelling. So, I decided to take the car keys and go. With my son in the back seat and me pregnant at 7 months, it felt great to be out on my own again. I felt like a star when we reached the birthday party!"

We think you would have enjoyed reading some of the ‘parenting’ milestones these parents celebrated and cherished. As much as recording your little one’s milestones matter, it is also important to pat yourself on the back and cherish the little moments which have thrown a challenge at you. Parenting does come with its celebrations, so find a way to record the hilarious tantrums and not-so-serious moments that come your way! 

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