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Parenting: A Beautiful Spiritual Journey

Parenting is no easy feat, but did you know that unconditional love towards your child can help your own spiritual growth? Interesting? Read on for more.

By Mahalakshmi Rajagopal

A few weeks ago, a couple visited me with their 6-year-old child. They handed me a psychoeducation assessment of their child which stated that he had an IQ of 82 and was learning disabled. My screening, however, revealed a bright child with good communication and observation skills. His learning disabilities however, had not been assessed. On further discussion, I realised (to my dismay) that the parents of the child were on opposite sides about the child and his challenges. While the mother strongly felt that the child had some difficulty, the father felt he was simply playful. The mother arranged assessments for the child just to prove her point to the father and not to identify the child’s difficulty. Documenting a case history seemed impossible. At the end of the session, the only notable conclusion was a complete disharmony between the parents and nothing to do with the child. It was heart-breaking to observe how two individuals, pushed by their strong desire to ‘win’ were actually shattering the present and the future of a bright child. The parents should have realised that irrespective of the innate potential of the child, the love he experiences in his close environment will be a better predictor of his overall development and achievements in the years to come.

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