ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots

Join us on a nutritious journey, where we rewind to traditional, healthy, delicious foods. We bring you exclusive Articles, Interviews, Webinars, Videos, ClipBooks, Contests, Community and much more!

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ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots

“You are what you eat”, as the popular saying goes. Eating a balanced diet is vital for our health. Hence, ParentCircle brings you a special nutrition week — #BackToRoots from 24 September – 30 September 2018. It is dedicated to going back to our roots and understanding the importance of traditional and healthy foods. It is all about appreciating the real 'Joy of Eating'!

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you during our nutrition special  #BackToRoots

Community: Join our Circle

Is my child growing well for his age?
Am I giving her a good, balanced diet?
How do I know if my child is allergic to some foods?

Do you find yourself pondering over similar questions frequently? If yes, the All About Nutrition Circle is your go-to place to discuss anything related to nutrition and get your concerns addressed by experts. You can interact with parents across the country, share your experiences and provide answers to other parents' queries. Click on this link to join the Circle, an online community for parents.

Stay in touch with parents like you, advise and help each other, and get solutions for your queries from experts! As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child". We help in creating the village for you! 


ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots


ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots


ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots

Exclusive articles with expert inputs. Some of the topics are mentioned below:

  • Authentic age-old recipes passed down to us from our grandmothers.
  • The many benefits of including organic / farm-fresh milk in your preschooler's diet.
  • Ways to include wholesome Indian ingredients in everyday cooking.
  • The amazing health-giving benefits of Indian spices (masalas).
  • Reasons why we should choose traditional snacks over today's processed snacks.


ParentCircle Presents India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots

We have compiled engaging and informative content on nutritious foods in the form of ClipBooks. Flip through the ClipBooks to learn about forgotten foods and dishes your child will love, mouthwatering breakfast recipes from across India, and much more!


We have engaging videos lined up for you. Some of the themes are listed below:

  • Revisiting roots: Kids trying out foods with a traditional twist. What happens when a child's regular meal is replaced with millets? Tune in to find out!
  • Vitamins illustrated: Do you want to know what foods contain the most nutrients? Check out our animated series to learn about foods that are rich in vitamins.
  • Chef Damu Speaks: Chef Damu (Dr Chef Damodaran or Dr Chef Damu holds the Guinness Record for Longest Cooking Marathon) explains why it is important to re-visit traditional foods for holistic health.

Check out the teaser video:

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To sum it up, this special week is going to be an exciting one where we talk about all things nutritious! Come, join us and be a part of India's Biggest Nutrition Special #BackToRoots.

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