ParentCircle Exclusive: Videos On Fire Cracker Safety

During Diwali, bursting crackers is the norm. However, one should not forget about safety when dealing with crackers. Taking preventive measures can help a lot.

By Team ParentCircle  • 5 min read

ParentCircle Exclusive: Videos On Fire Cracker Safety

Avinash, a content writer, will never forget last year's Diwali. On the festival, all his family and friends had gathered at his house to celebrate. It was a joyous occasion with sweets being distributed, jokes being cracked and crackers being burst. However, the atmosphere suddenly changed when there was a loud burst followed by a scream. Avinash had tried to light a cracker not realising the power of the cracker. Instead of running away after lighting the cracker, Avinash had just moved back a little. The cracker exploded in his face causing minor burns.

Let us not take a chance with our safety. Delicious sweets, people decked up in all their finery, bursting of crackers are all a part and parcel of Diwali. However, there is also a rise in accidents, mainly caused by crackers during this festival. To make sure you enjoy a safe and happy Diwali, the ParentCircle team has put together a collection of video on fire cracker safety.

From showing the right way to hold a sparkler to lighting a ground chakkar the correct way, these five simple videos will make sure you and your family enjoy the Festival Of Lights to the fullest.

Video #1: Flower pot

Children love to light flower pots during Diwali. This video below explains the correct method of lighting one.

Video #2: Ground Chakkar

A ground chakkar may look like one of the simple crackers associated with Diwali but there is a way to light it. Rather than bending down and looking at the chakkar while lighting it, use a long candle to light the chakkar. This video shows how.

Video #3: Rocket

One should exercise extreme caution while lighting a rocket. Use a bottle to hold the rocket in place rather than trying to fix the rocket in sand or similar materials that might not hold it properly. Use a long candle to light the fuse of the rocket from far and make sure the rocket is not pointing towards you or anyone.

Click on the video below to find out the correct way of lighting a rocket.

Video #4: Sparkler

A sparkler is normally safe to light during Diwali and is popular among children. However, one should know the correct way of holding one. The video below explains how.

Video #5: Bomb

Bombs are responsible for most accidents during Diwali because of their power and intensity. Children should be especially careful while lighting a bomb as it bursts within a few seconds of lighting it. Always light a bomb from some distance. The video below suggests the correct method to apply while dealing with a bomb.

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