ParentCircle Announces The Winner Of The #iLoveMyMIL Contest

A mother-in-law is one with whom every married lady shares a love-hate relationship. But, she is like your mother. Loving your mother-in-law and maintaining a caring relation with her will help you.

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ParentCircle Announces The Winner Of The #iLoveMyMIL Contest

ParentCircle is delighted to announce the winners of the Mother-in-Law Day Contest 2017, #iLoveMyMIL. It was nice to see how much you cherish your mother-in-law and this was evident from the cute selfies you shared with us. We thank all the participants for your lively, colourful and heart-warming pictures. Hearty congratulations to the winners!

And the winners are:

ParentCircle Announces The Winner Of The #iLoveMyMIL Contest

Congratulations to all the winners! We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to all the participants who made this contest a huge success.

It is said that you are once blessed with a wonderful mother and twice blessed to have a mother-in-law.

The relationship between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law is a complicated one and not without its ups and downs. The relation is often seen in a negative light and the cliché that you can never get along with your husband’s mother, seems to have become ingrained in popular culture.

But that is not always true. A mother-in-law can be a friend, a mentor, a caregiver and so much more. Many women build everlasting bonds with their second mother and the same kindred spirit is reciprocated by the mother-in-law as well. They are bound by their joys and sorrows, care for and look after the family and share responsibilities. This overwhelming love has been expressed very well by the many dynamic women who reached out to us @ParentCircle to tell us about their bond with their mother-in-law.

These are some of the messages that we received:

“I love my MIL.... She is not only my MIL but she is my guidance, my friend, my strength and my support.... She is my powerbank.... Love her”

“Happy to have a sweet relationship with my MIL. She is very supportive,friendly and caring!!”

“She is not my MIL, she is like my Golgapa partner, my gossip partner”

“Together we do lots of fun, we both share khatta meetha relationship”

“A Wonder woman she is! Lives for the smile of her children and family though her own smiles most of the times are sacrificed…”

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