Panel Discussion: Technology, Children, and Connections

Watch experts in the field of psychology and counselling talk about screen-time for children, its benefits and harmful effects, and how families can achieve balance between screen- and family-time.

By Team ParentCircle  • 5 min read

Panel Discussion: Technology, Children, and Connections

Do you find yourself fighting with your child every day over his TV or mobile usage? Do you worry that your child is losing his play time or sleep over screens? Does screen-time turn into scream-time in your family?
If you have pondered over these questions at some point, you are like the millions of Indian families who are trying to navigate family life in the age of technology. Nothing has reshaped our communication, our relationships, and our lives more than technology and devices in the 21st century.
On the one hand, abundant research warns us about the harmful effects of overuse of gadgets and the impact it has on our children and our relationship with them. On the other hand, we cannot imagine our world without these gadgets. While technology is a great enabler, it can also disable us. The cost of being able to connect with anyone in the world is that we might not be fully present with the person physically next to us. And this is exactly why we need balance.

We got some experts in the field of psychology and counselling to discuss how technology impacts our children and our connection with them. The panelists are: Dr. Nithya Poornima, Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Mental Health at NIMHANS, India's premier mental health institute, and an advisory board member at ParentCircle; Dr. Meghna Singhal, a doctorate in Clinical Psychology who heads the prime content initiatives at ParentCircle; and Ms. Subha Parthsarathy, founder of MagicHive, which that been running parenting workshops since 10+ years. 

Watch the first part of the panel discussion here:

Watch the second part of the panel discussion here, where panelists talks about watching screens during mealtimes, using technology as an enabler, how we regulate use of technology, and connecting with our children:

Watch the final part of the panel discussion here, where the panelists talk about screen-time rules and about ParentCircle's initiative #GadgetFreeHour.

Published by Team ParentCircle on 29th November 2019.

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