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My Child Needs to Wear Glasses What Should I Do?

Did you just find out your little one needs to wear prescription glasses? We understand your anxiety. Our expert answers some FAQs to ease the transition for you.

By Amrita Gracias

Ramya has a five-year-old son, Amit. One evening, Amit’s teacher informs Ramya that her son has trouble reading from the blackboard. A flood of thoughts flashes through Ramya’s mind: 'Does my son need glasses?' 'Will he feel okay wearing glasses?' 'Will his classmates make fun of him?' 'What will relatives and friends say?' Guilt and anxiety kicks in thanks to the growing list of ‘ifs and buts’. Worried, Ramya takes Amit to an ophthalmologist, who confirms her worst fears. Amit needs prescription glasses for long-sightedness. And, as expected, the little boy is troubled at the thought of having to wear the ‘odd object’ on his face through the day.

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