My Child Doesn't Want To Study. Help!

Your child is excited about art, but your mind is on his board exams due in under a year. How do you tread the path between your expectations and your child’s will?

By Team ParentCircle

Like most parents of children entering their teens, you are thinking board exams, entrance exams, higher education, opportunities and competition. On the other hand, your happy-go-lucky child is living in the moment. He loves his dance, art and craft and what not! Battle lines drawn. And now, with parents and children mostly staying home, the clashes and disagreements have further increased. Well, how do you communicate your expectations in ways that can make your child feel heard and understood? How do you encourage him to find the right balance between interests and challenges life has on offer? Let’s find out in this month’s Parent-Expert series as a few parents share their concerns and let’s hear it from our very own Arundhati Swamy as she offers her soothing responses.

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