My Child Doesn’t Like His Name…

You spent months choosing the perfect name for your child. But, what happens when you realise your child doesn’t like his name? Read on to find out.

By Team ParentCircle

"I don’t like my name!" declares ten-year-old Annapoorni. “Others at school call me Anna or poori! I’m not able to take it,” she says bursting into tears. Her mother Soumya explains to her that she was named after the Goddess of food and that it is a very special name to have. She refuses to listen. “Amma, it is such an old-fashioned name! You could have named me anything! May be Divya. My friends would have called me Div,” she says. Soumya does not have a clue on how to deal with the situation. Soumya is not alone. There are many modern-day parents who are grappling with this problem. Very interestingly, a study conducted in 2014 by Eryn Newman of Victoria University, New Zealand, concluded that people with easier names to pronounce are ‘considered’ more trustworthy and accepted than those with long and complicated names. Now, such conclusions are complicating an already complex problem.

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