Must-Watch TV Shows For Teenagers

Teenage is when curiosity abounds, as does the level of comprehension. Here is a list of science shows on TV to quench your teen’s doubts.

By Ananya Subramanian  • 6 min read

Must-Watch TV Shows For Teenagers

A study titled, ‘Media Use by Tweens and Teens’, done by San Francisco-based Common Sense Media and published in their web page in 2015, found that despite all the new types of media available to youngsters today, television continues to be among the most popular and widely used. This study also observed that close to 40% of the teens viewed TV for an average of 1 to 4 hours every day.

The key findings of the study highlight that kids continue their habit of watching TV during teenage and even start to rely on it for their knowledge expansion. Hence, it is imperative to channelise your teen’s TV habits towards a learning experience, probably through various science programmes.

Here is a list of TV shows for your teen’s viewing pleasure:

1. Ancient Aliens

As your teen is old enough to regard unidentified flying objects (UFOs), aliens and the cosmos as more tangible concepts, you can encourage her to watch Ancient Aliens. Although widely criticised for its extremist theories, this American television series, which began airing in 2010, will bring to your teen’s knowledge the fascinating topics of extraterrestrial presence and the scientific proof behind the claims.

Channel – History

2. Superhumans

 An American documentary series that aired from 2010 to 2014, its aim was to discover human beings with a superhuman level of extraordinary physical or mental abilities. The show, which attempts to uncover the scientific secret behind their ‘gifts’, will help your teen learn about the scientific reasons of superhuman abilities.

Channel – History

3. Megascience 

Providing an abundance of scientific information in an easy and comprehensible way is Megascience’s style. All your teen’s most baffling scientific questions (that probably made you reach out for search engines) are answered in this show clearly and in detail, enlightening everything related to science.

Channel – Discovery Science

4. Science of Stupid

This show, telecast in various versions in different countries, mixes science along with fun and adrenaline. While addressing various scientific principles, Science of Stupid provides a scientific explanation for basic questions (such as what happens when you use the wrong type of balloon), through funny and goofy videos.

Channel – National Geographic

5. Magic of Science

 There can be no teen who is not fascinated by magic and no magic that does not involve science and trickery. Magic of Science showcases magnificent magic tricks, while unravelling the science that goes into orchestrating the tricks. Disseminating information about scientific illusions, this show is sure to hold your teen spellbound.

Channel – Discovery Science

In addition to these, science programmes for your teens are available in plenty. Whether your teen is glued to these series for hours together, or is binge-watching one show after another, you need not worry. For all you know, the shows may be kindling the scientist in her!

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