Multimedia Games For Kids To Learn About The Environment

Several online games for children teach about Mother Earth and how to be environment-friendly. Here are some top educational games online that your child can play to learn about the environment.

By Hannah S Matthew  • 9 min read

Multimedia Games For Kids To Learn About The Environment

We cannot deny the fact that we live in the age of multimedia. But, the rise of multimedia does not necessarily mean that the environment is doomed. So, how can you go about instilling a sense of responsibility for wildlife conservation, environment preservation and sustainable living in your child? The answer is through multimedia gaming or online games. It is one of the best ways to use multimedia in education. Online gaming, a favourite with kids today, can be used to teach children about the ecology and the pollution problems we face today. This is one of the many benefits of multimedia in education. Free online games for kids have been developed in such a manner that they can teach your child resource management, logistics, strategising, real life skills and much more. Let’s look at a few games that exhibit all the advantages of multimedia in education.

1. Farm Up

Created by Big Fish, Inc. this is one of the few games for kids that will make them think creatively and scientifically about planting an entire garden. This gardening game involves Jennifer’s attempts to restore her family-garden which she has inherited. It also includes tasks where your child can feed animals and upgrade her farming skills. It’s a free game which is available for download for iPhone and Android.

2. Green City 2

Originally an online game for PC, it can be downloaded onto an iPhone or an Android for your pre-teen. Also, a Big Fish creation, this game isn’t free. However, this 54-stage nail-biting educational game for kids is one of the best when it comes to developing strategy and becoming eco-friendly. The game comprises restoring buildings, cleaning neighbourhoods, building eco-houses with solar panels, starting green energy plants and educating the masses on an eco-urban lifestyle. It’s all about striking the ultimate ecological balance.

3. The Garbage Dreams Game

Intended for any age-group, this online game may be categorised as an earth game about recycling. The game is about Zaballeen, or Egyptian garbage-recycler, who must recycle 80 per cent of the garbage he collects! He begins with one neighbourhood and plays on to clean up the whole of Cairo. His tools: recycling factories and goats! This too is a free online game which can be played on any kind of mobile device or PC.

4. Smog City 2

Believe it or not, this PC game is advocated by school teachers! Created by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Sacramento Air Quality Management District, Smog City 2 is one of the best online games that caters for all age groups. Simulators are available for game download for gripping graphics of pollutants and the ozone layer. This online educational game requires the gamer to observe the pollutants and arrive at possible solutions to save the city from smog. This exceptional earth game includes social studies, health, science and government problems and their solutions.

5. Clim’Way

The brainchild of the Victoria State Government, this game on nature conservation, in its efforts to educate children from all age groups about climate change, asks gamers to come up with a plan to manage resources and greenhouse gas emissions in 50 years. Involving the public authorities, private enterprises and ordinary citizens, the gamer has to look into numerous details regarding climate change. This makes the free online game more difficult with every passing level.

6. The Story of Natural Resources

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) forms the basis of this game that could be the key to the future of planet earth. Designed for classrooms, this offline game is a popular tool used by teachers. Ferguson (the guide) will escort the gamer through a city that faces lots of problems with its natural resources. The gamer must help Ferguson find solutions to these problems. Though intricate, this game on sustainability is sure to captivate and educate your child.

7. Resourceful Adventure

Another short game based on the NGSS, this easy-to-download educational game is an obstacle course. The only way the gamer can cross the obstacles is by answering sets of multiple choice questions on renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Supported by iPhones and Android devices, this is a power-packed educational game for your child!

8. Crunch Time

A huge success in schools, Crunch Time is an interactive quiz that is available for download for free. It can be supported by any device and is a multiplayer online game. Eddie the Earth guides the gamers as they play against each other to gain new avatars and find solutions to rid the earth of pollution. The competitive nature of this game is very high.

9. Sustainable Shaun the Sheep

Designed by Sustainable Learning, this game aims to create an inspiration among children to save and maintain the environment. Free and available for download, the game engages young children in the task of building an eco-friendly place for the stray animals in a city. At the end of the game, Shaun the Sheep and his animal friends can live there.

10. Watersense

A game for all age groups, Watersense was created by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Accompanied by a water-drop named Flo, your child must answer questions on water conservation to defeat the water-waster monsters as she travels through water-pipes. A free game that can be played on any device, it will give your child a lot of information on water conservation.

These are only a few earth games that are available online. There are many more to explore before you decide on what’s best for your child. Although these games are safe and educational, remember that the Internet is not a place for your child to explore without supervision. Help him make educated choices, monitor his online movements and ensure that all searches are secure. Teach your child to be responsible towards Mother Earth through these fun games.

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