MS Dhoni And Daughter Ziva Team Up To Save An Injured Bird

Recently, followers of Ziva Dhoni, who has her own Instagram account, were in for a treat. The little one shared several pictures of her famous dad saving an injured bird. A timely 'catch', we say!

By Ashwin Dewan  • 2 min read

MS Dhoni And Daughter Ziva Team Up To Save An Injured Bird
Image courtesy: Instagram (ziva_singh_dhoni)

Ace India cricketer MS Dhoni recently won some more hearts thanks to his daughter. His cool demeanor and sharp reflexes were on full display recently when “Captain Cool” undertook the mission “Save Bird” with his daughter Ziva.

Ziva, who shared several images on her Instagram handle explained in her post – how her daddy dearest and his swift decision-making skills helped in saving the life of the bird, a beautiful coppersmith.

The story goes like this. It all started when Ziva noticed the birdie lying unconscious on the lawn. She then called out to her parents for help. Immediately, Dhoni took the bird in his hands and slowly made it drink some water. The coppersmith eventually opened its eyes and seemed revived.

MS Dhoni And Daughter Ziva Team Up To Save An Injured Bird
The injured coppersmith. Image courtesy: (ziva_singh_dhoni)

Ziva further writes how the bird was placed in a basket filled with leaves and that mom Sakshi explaining the name of the bird. The little girl wanted the bird to stay but it flew away. Her mom explained to Ziva that the bird has gone to reunite with its mom. 'I am sure I will see her again!' says the adorable daughter. We hope so too!

Chennai Super Kings Tweet The Incident

Following the incident, Chennai Super Kings, the IPL (Indian Premier League) team whose captain is Dhoni, posted a picture of Dhoni holding the injured coppersmith on their official Twitter handle. An entertaining caption accompanied the picture "The most wanted bird's eye view. #ThalaDharisanam #WhistlePodu.”

The entire post is an endearing one but also carries an important message. Every life on planet earth is precious. As parents, we must encourage our children to develop love and respect for nature and all animals and birds.

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Photo courtesy: Ziva Dhoni official handle (Ziva_Singh_Dhoni)

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Written by Ashwin Dewan on 10 June 2020.

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