Movement Milestones for Your Two-Year-Old Child

Here’s a guide to the movement milestones your child should reach in her second year.

By Ram Shankar  • 5 min read

Movement Milestones for Your Two-Year-Old Child

Your baby has stepped into his second year. He has learnt to sit, crawl, pull himself up to stand and even managed to take one or two steps without assistance. He has been busy learning these skills through the first year. Now, he has literally ‘stepped’ into his second year, which is going to be as exciting as his first. Let us see the movement milestones he will be crossing before completing two years.

1. Months 13 to 15

 Your tiny tot has just celebrated her first birthday. Around this time she is able to stand without holding on to any support. She can also take a few steps without help. She can bend over and pick up a toy from the floor. At this stage, she loves to move around. It may even be difficult for you to manage her, but do not worry. She is just testing her abilities.

If your child has not started walking at this stage, do not worry. It is perfectly normal for a child to start walking even as late as 18 months.

2. Months 15 to 18

Your baby can pull himself up from a sitting position. He walks with his feet wide apart and hands held high in order to maintain his balance. He becomes more sure-footed and his walking improves to a great extent. He may even try running. He is able to pick up a toy from the floor and carry it.

3. Months 18 to 20

 Your baby’s walk is steadier. She will keep her feet close together as she walks. You can see that she no longer holds her arms high for balance. She can walk with her arms at her sides. She can climb stairs holding your hands. However, when she tries to do it alone, she uses her hands and knees and crawls up the stairs. She slides down one stair at a time on her stomach.

4. Months 21 to 24

 At this stage, the child can maintain his balance. He can walk on tiptoe, and pick up dropped objects. He can throw and kick a ball. He can sit and stand quickly and walk sideways and backwards.

Perfecting her walking will be your baby’s major accomplishment in her second year. She keeps on improving her skills by being constantly on the move. By her second birthday she will be moving around with remarkable ease. What a great improvement it is from the previous year when she could take just a few steps!