Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets of 2017

Parenting may be challenging and, at times, adventurous too. However, amidst it all, there may be some hilarious moments. Here are some tweets which reflect those funny instances.

By Arun Sharma

Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets of 2017

Although the year 2017 has passed into the pages of history, it has left behind moments which can spread many a smile on our lips. Here are a few amusing tweets from 2017 to help you start this New Year on a happy note.

1. TwinzerDad‏@TwinzerDad

The road to hell is paved with Legos.... just assuming. #Dadlife #Parenting

2. Happy Mamas Club‏@Happy_Mama_Club

Don’t fear giving birth, that’s the easy part they don’t give you drugs to get through motherhood #momlife

3. Jen M‏@MistressJ83

Why did I think it was a good idea to crawl into my toddlers bed to help him fall asleep #stuckinhere #sendhelp #toddlermom #parenting

4. My Son’s Father@My_Sons_Father

I told my oldest I was impressed with his behavior at school. His response: "I'm proud of you. You did a good job parenting me." #dadlife

5. A Dad's Life‏@CodyHildeman

When you put your #toddler down for a nap and you are still sitting there watching Disney Jr... #dadlife #parenting

6. Sara Says Stop‏ @PetrickSara

[Married Pillow Talk]

Husband: Tell me what you want..

Me: I want you to take our kid to soccer practice tomorrow.

7. Alexis.@AlexisBoyack

Instead of sleeping my daughter is trying to see how much of her foot she can fit into her mouth. #parenting

8. notorious N.A.S.T.Y.‏@fightsactualfoo

My son has trained himself to poop when he wants to delay something he doesn’t want to do. I sorta wanna see if he has a limit. #momlife

9. MichelleZimmerhanzel@michellebernick

This morning my husband went in and told our toddler to go back to sleep. She did. I didn't know that was even an option.#parentlife"

10. Angel‏@_angeled_

Words that a mother has a love-hate relationship with ""I don't need help, Mommy. I can do it myself"" #toddler #momlife"

11. Dayton Hartman‏@daytonhartman

My sons are learning that when daddy cooks dinners...he's actually just warming up something mommy already made. #Dadlife"

12. Michelle@SoccerWife7

Me to 3yo: why are you acting this way? You are being very rude.


Me: .... #parenting

13. Ben Fung@daddyintheraw

My son yelled at his food yesterday: "Calm down, fries! You're too hot!!!" #humor #parentinghumor #parenting #kiddos #dadblogger

14. Cydni Beer‏ @themessednest

Me- Sits on toilet

Children - QUICK EVERYONE!! Mom called a family meeting in the bathroom!! Bring in toys, blankets and your best stories

15. James Breakwell@XplodingUnicorn

Me: What do you want to do today?

7-year-old: Nothing.

Me: You can't do that all day.

7: I can do it all week.

16. Kenzie Klumker@kenziree

Parenting reality: Toddler decides they're not gonna sleep between the hours of 12:30 and 5 am. So they just talk in your ear all night.

17. RashmiPadiyar@RashmiPadiyar

Facebook, WhatsApp & baby's diaper are all the same. Even if there is nothing you have to keep on checking. #Mommyjokes

18. Ashley Archibald@ash_archi

If you make breakfast and 10 minutes later get asked when you are going to make dinner, you might be a mom. #momlife

19. Brandon Andrina@proathomedad

People are like "it take a village to raise a child"  and I'm like "can you give me the address for that village?" cause I could use the help

20. James Breakwell@XplodingUnicorn

By the way my wife screamed, I thought someone had been murdered.

Turns out my 2-year-old cut her own hair.

So it was much worse.

21. Chase@ChaseFace63

#parentingjokes How many towels does it take to bathe a child? 3. One for the kid, one for the floor. One for the parent.

22. Sarah Rozier@RozierSarah

Listening to my kids play...Pretty sure it's about to turn into a fight...Literally by the time I typed that...yep. Tears. #parentlife

23. Katie Hite@KatieMHite

My daughter gave me a kiss this morning that was immediately followed by a surprise sneeze all over my face. #ParentLife

24. The ParentNormal‏@ParentNormal

Naptime is better described as the eye of the hurricane.

25. Meredith‏@PerfectPending

Kidless friend: what do you do all day?

Me: *Looks around at mess

Honestly, I'm not sure. But, it makes me really really tired.