Moon Sign: Sagittarius

Many believe the planets and the star affect our life. There is a ‘right’ time for everything – starting a business, marriage, undertaking a journey, etc. Read on to know more.


Moon Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius Students:

You may participate in some debates and will win prizes. You may have to put in extra work to achieve success. You will be careless towards your belongings and books. This will make you lose it. A plethora of tasks will keep you busy. Do not get too grumpy, plan and execute your work correctly. Stay calm and steady at work, as much as possible. You will involve in research work will get good results sooner. Teachers or professor will be helping. You will give more value to your thoughts. You will be passionate about taking your interest towards art to the next level. The atmosphere at the family will go through ups and downs. This can pull down your performance. So you are focused in whatever you do.

Worship Hanuman for focus.

Sagittarius General :

  1. Home improvement is the focus. Monthly money and income will be in peak. A small financial crisis will motivate you to find new ways to make money are possible during this month.
  2. This month is a strong month for making plans for the future, doing any re-organizing for family-related activities.
  3. Works that have been stagnant improve considerably and work projects move forward.
  4. Your inclination towards home and family will increase. You will be more receptive and understanding with them.
  5. People away from home will have homesickness and feel loneliness. This could cause depression and disappointment.
  6. Some may procure a new vehicle, and some may even acquire a fixed asset.
  7. People in the IT industry will fare well. Explore your full potential and skills. This will enable you to improve them.
  8. Finance is quite encouraging in the early part of the month. Loan applications for sanction will materialize.
  9. Harmony at home will bring joy and happiness.
  10. The first half of the month will be favourable. Career and reputation at the workplace will be in peak. Utilize the stars do your best to be in the top and prove your talents.
  11. You feel more energetic than usual and handle many projects and works enthusiastically. Do not evade to take responsibility, as you will come out successfully.
  12. There will be an increase in romantic moments with the partner which will make you feel nearer and bonded. This will be the right time to open up conversations with the beloved which bring better understanding and harmony.
  13. Health remains pink throughout the month. People with ailment will be cured or come across improvement in their health.
  14. Worshipping Lord Hanuman is vital in this month.

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