Moon Sign: Gemini

Many believe the planets and the star affect our life. There is a ‘right’ time for everything – starting a business, marriage, undertaking a journey, etc. Read on to know more.

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Moon Sign: Gemini

Gemini Students:

You will remain enthusiastic and show interest in your studies and will participate in some extra circular activities as well. At this time, you can work with haste and can commit a mistake. You will be very sensitive and will be quick to temper especially in the early part of the month. Try to keep yourself balanced and calm. Some good results can be seen in education. You will get some excellent opportunities to meet new friends. You may not get good returns, but everyone will keep an eye on your talent. Some results may not be in your favor, but you will see some positive results sooner. You will be interested in writing and creative work at this time. Seeing your hard work, your friends will think of working harder to improve themselves. Your closeness with family members will help you to perform well in your educational pursuits in this period.

Chant Narayana Mantra to be focused and bring out your skills.

Gemini General:

  1. The desire for some form of recognition and financial success is stronger than any other time in this month.
  2. This month would bring you in contact with higher officers and authorities. This will keep you busy in extra responsibilities that would be forced on you. Relations with the superiors will be cordial.
  3. This would be an excellent period for developing career and professional plans or strategies.
  4. Partnership and dealing with foreign countries will fare well. Realtors would manage well.
  5. New developments in career and communications are in store. Challenges have to be met with courage.
  6. Activities with the children increase. Spending time with them would be a delight.
  7. Business people can plan for their expansion and execute it with proper guidance.
  8. Massive expenditures can make you helpless in spite of good inflow of money.
  9. Investments yield good gain.
  10. Disagreement with the spouse must be contained. Marital relations can be disturbed due to unwanted arguments and disputes.
  11. Romance would be disappointing this time. Lack of depth in intimacy can be experienced.
  12. Do not let your emotion disturb your productivity.
  13. Chant Narayana Kavacham for relief from emotional stress.

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